With the support of Ucom, the 18th annual International Microelectronics Olympiad was held

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With the support of Ucom, the 18th annual International Microelectronics Olympiad was held

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 23, ARMENPRESS. The results of the 18th annual International Olympiad of Microelectronics, with Ucom as the main supporter, were announced during a solemn ceremony held at Synopsys Armenia. This Olympiad featured 270 participants from 14 countries and followed its traditional format of two stages. The first round, serving as a preliminary test, took place simultaneously in 14 participating countries. The second and final round, which involved complex engineering challenges requiring comprehensive solutions, occurred on October 19 in Armenia at the Synopsys Armenia Education Department.

Out of the 270 participants who took part in the first round, 28 advanced to the final round. Among them, 12 were from Yerevan, while the rest came to Armenia from countries such as the UAE, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Iran, Jordan, Chile, Peru, Russia, Serbia, and Vietnam.

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"One of the primary objectives of the Olympiad is to establish an international community of young specialists in the field of microelectronics. Over the years, hundreds of exceptional young individuals from more than 25 countries worldwide, who represent the future creators of leading technologies, have participated in the Olympiad," saidHovik Musayelyan, Vice President of the Olympiad's Organizing Committee and Director of Synopsis Armenia.

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"Technologies have evolved to a point where microelectronics is indispensable. I have been the main supporter of this event for 18 years, and I will continue to be because I firmly believe that the future is intricately linked with microelectronics. We must make every effort to promote this field, especially among Armenian youth and students. I have even encouraged my son to pursue a study of microelectronics because it represents the future, the foundational technology when we discuss artificial intelligence and intelligent solutions," statedRalphYirikian, Director General of Ucom, the key supporter of the Microelectronics Olympiad.

Let us note that Nikola Babic from Bosnia and Herzegovina secured the first prize in the Olympiad, followed by Filip Stefanovic from Serbia in second place, while the third prize was jointly claimed by Azra Jelezovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Edgar Papyan from Armenia.

The Olympiad covered the following topics:

  • Design and testing of digital integrated circuits,
  • Design and testing of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits,
  • Semiconductor devices and technology,
  • Mathematical and algorithmic support for automated design of integrated circuits.

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