The deployment of EU observation mission on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border has no geopolitical context. PM Pashinyan

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The deployment of EU observation mission on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border has no geopolitical context. PM Pashinyan

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 8, ARMENPRESS. At the National Assembly, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the question of why Armenia agreed to deploy an EU observation mission on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, but not a CSTO observation mission.

ARMENPRESS reports, during the parliament-Government Q&A session, MP Hripsime Grigoryan from the "Civil Contract" faction mentioned that there were publications in the press regarding the deployment of the EU observation mission, and in some cases, speculations about how and why the Government of Armenia choose to accept the EU observation mission and not the CSTO mission. According to the MP, some circles even went further, trying to give geopolitical shades to the topic. Grigoryan asked the Prime Minister about his opinion on the issue.

The Prime Minister agreed with the MP, noting that there are many misunderstandings related to the topic, including among Armenian experts, because they ask how it happened that the CSTO observation mission does not arrive in Armenia, but the European observation mission does.

"In the case of CSTO, we formulated the issue very clearly. because the CSTO has documents with very detailed descriptions, including the regulation of response to crisis situations, which was adopted back in 2010, where actions are clearly written, but, at the same time, there is a clear understanding and concept of the zone of responsibility of the CSTO. We have asked the CSTO about one of the most important principles: to adjust the zone of responsibility of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the Republic of Armenia. In other words, we have asked them to tell us their idea of what the Republic of Armenia is. We have not received a clear answer to this question. On the other hand, the civilian mission of the European Union was possible, because as a result of the quadrilateral meeting in Prague, the European Union clearly outlined, including with the participation and consent of Armenia and Azerbaijan, what the Republic of Armenia is. In other words, they said that in their opinion the map of the Republic of Armenia is this, or we said this is the map, they took it into account and confirmed it. They come to monitor and observe that area," explained the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister emphasized that deploying an observation mission without an idea of the territory will be strange, because it is not clear to them what they will observe.

"The issue arose from the situation when Azerbaijan occupied the territories of the Republic of Armenia. If any mission does not know what the Republic of Armenia is, the territory of the Republic of Armenia, how will it consider whether the territory of the Republic of Armenia is occupied or not? This is the most important issue," said the Prime Minister.

Pashinyan also stated that before the deployment of the European Union observation mission, Azerbaijan justified its aggressive actions against Armenia on Western platforms by the fact that the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia is deploying more and more Russian troops on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border and preparing a joint Armenian-Russian aggressive attack on Azerbaijan, while Azerbaijan with its aggressive attacks is simply trying to balance the situation, to manage its vulnerabilities to some extent.

"This process continued. Moreover, I have already said that in the West, an attempt was made to present Armenia as a participant in "Russia's aggressive policy", and in Russia, an attempt was made to present it as a participant in the Western conspiracy. Since the Russian partners had representatives there and our Western partners had already started looking at us with mistrust, saying that you are actually preparing for aggressive actions, because there are large concentrations of Russian and Armenian troops there, you are going to attack Azerbaijan, the poor Azerbaijanis are forced to occupy heights, trying to balance the situation. Realizing that they are spending a lot of resources on it, we said: very well, let's consider whether all that is true or not. The key point is that, of course, there is no geopolitical context in all of this. There is a specific agenda, there is a specific issue that we are trying to solve," concluded Pashinyan.


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