STARMUS VI: Nobel laureate Kip Thorne gives lecture at Yerevan State University 

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STARMUS VI: Nobel laureate Kip Thorne gives lecture at Yerevan State University 

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 5, ARMENPRESS. Americantheoretical physicistandNobel laureate Kip Thorne, known for his contributions ingravitational physicsandastrophysics, delivered a lecture today at the Yerevan State University within the framework of STARMUS VI International Festival.Mr. Thorne introduced the audience on his experience, how physics has become his love and how it is possible to attract people to science.

The world-renowned physicist said he had another interest at a young age. Living in the north of America he wanted to become a driver of an ice-breaking vehicle. “I was 8 years old when my mother took me to a lecture about the solar system, and it attracted me deeply. 5 years later, when I was 13 years old, I read a book “One, Two, Three…Infinity” by Russian physicist George Gamow, which was about physics, a physics that became my new love”, he said.

Kip Thorne said that during his career he has always tried to inspire others, like Gamow inspired him. He has also tried to attract people to science through art. He is one of the producers and screenwriters of the film Interstellar.

“This movie inspired many people in the world to be interested in science”, the Nobel laureate said.

He is also working on a second film and expressed hope that it will be ready in the next five years.

Thereafter, Mr. Thorne gave a lecture about Universe together with American painter, photographer Lia Halloran.

Kip Thorne talked about black holes and answered to the question of the attendees.

In response to the question about the end of the film, he advised to read his book The Science of Interstellar which explains the film.


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