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Armenian lavash among 50 of the world’s best breads – CNN publishes article

Armenian lavash among 50 of the world’s best breads – CNN publishes article

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 17, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian lavash has appeared in an article published on CNN about the 50 of the world's best breads.

The Armenian lavash is the second in the list.

“What is bread? You likely don’t have to think for long, and whether you’re hungry for a slice of sourdough or craving some tortillas, what you imagine says a lot about where you’re from”, the author starts the article, quoting the words of bread historian William Rubel who once said that “bread is basically what your culture says it is”.

The list presents the national breads of Afghanistan, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Armenia and many other countries.

“In the rugged mountains of Germany’s Westphalia region, bakers steam loaves of dense rye for up to 24 hours, while a round of Armenian lavash made from wheat turns blistered and brown after 30 seconds inside a tandoor oven”, the author wrote.

The reporter presents the process of making lavash and states that it requires the assistance of friends.

“When your Armenian mother-in-law comes towards you wielding a hula hoop-sized flatbread, don't duck: Lavash is draped over the country's newlyweds to ensure a life of abundance and prosperity. Maybe that's because making lavash takes friends. To shape the traditional breads, groups of women gather to roll and stretch dough across a cushion padded with hay or wool. It takes a practiced hand to slap the enormous sheets onto the inside of conical clay ovens, where they bake quickly in the intense heat”, the author said.

Lavash is one of the key components of the Armenian culture and has been designated UNESCO Intangible Heritage.

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