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Armenia’s Srbuk gears up for powerful and passionate Eurovision performance

Armenia’s Srbuk gears up for powerful and passionate Eurovision performance

YEREVAN, APRIL 10, ARMENPRESS. With Eurovision 2019 Song Contest nearing its commencement on May 14 in Israel, Armenia’s entry Srbuk opened up about her preparations and emotions ahead of an important career milestone.

Srbuk (Srbuhi Sargsyan) will perform her Walking Out at this year’s European song contest.

Speaking to Hayastani Hanrapetutyun newspaper’s Tamara Muradyan, Srbuk said her emotions ahead of the contest are extremely mixed.

“Indeed, very short time is left, very short,” Srbuk smilingly said referring to her scheduled performance.

“Now I find it even harder to describe what I am feeling and how hard it is to be always ready to sing, dance, get filmed and give interviews. This goes on and on.

Asked about her being the first performer during the upcoming second semi-finale, Srbuk said the fact “undoubtedly increased the sense of responsibility”.

At what stage are the preparations? Are you completely ready for your performance?

I am now in the period of promo-tours. I’ve just returned from Amsterdam, soon I will travel to Madrid. At the same time we are preparing for my stage performance, endless rehearsals, shootings, again rehearsals, vocals, choreography and stage clothing.

Your Waking Out has the most likes and views on the Eurovision official YouTube channel. Does this give grounds to predict victory?

Everything is important in Eurovision, however the most important is the song that you will sing, and how you will perform it. Eurovision is a song contest, which also highlights other components around it too. Regarding the music video’s views, this actually makes me happy because this shows that the concept of the song and the music video have been liked, and this is exactly what an artist needs.

There are often opinions among the society that Eurovision is more politics than a song contest. Some are even suggesting not participating at all. What do you think?

You really should not participate in the contest with such thoughts and mood. I am going to a song festival, to make new friends, to represent what I love. Time will show the rest.

Whom do you find to be competition and why?

All participants without exception are competition. All of them are strong and talented. All of us will fight to show the maximally best result.

Jumping ahead of time a bit, imagine for a moment that you have won….What do you think how will you react?

I guess I will scream from happiness. And I will definitely start speaking uncontrollably because I’d be experiencing plenty of emotions. Godspeed!

Srbuk also said that soon a piano cover of Walking Out will be released, as well as a remix.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 14, May 16 and May 18 in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharyan


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