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Ashot Melkonyan: Artsakh being as part of Azerbaijan means repetition of 1915

YEREVAN, APRIL 18, ARMENPRESS. Artsakh ebing as a aprt of Azerbaijan means a repetition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide, in an press conference in “Armenpress” press hall Director of the Institute of History Ashot Melkonyan said this stating that the international community starts slowly to understand this idea.    

“We definitely learned lessons from our history. The example is Artsakh. When we underwent genocide in 1915, we could have less causalities at that time. Now we have learned our lessons. When the 1988 movement began, there was enormous disparity between the parties in terms of their forces, however, we made our conclusions and stood for our rights. Today we should convince the international community that Artsakh to be a part of Azerbaijan means the repetition of 1915. The recent hostilities of April are also the evidence of that”, Ashot Melkonyan said.

Director of the Institute of History stated that we should go to the path of Artsakh recognition, it is a guarantee that the genocide will not be committed against our Armenians of that part.

“We see how several MPs from European high tribunals speak about the independence of Artsakh, we see how several states of the USA recognize Artsakh. We can surely say that we see enough progress. We should continue this path and achieve the independence of Artsakh. Concerning the liberated territories, there cannot be any concessions as well. Firstly, these territories are parts of the historical Armenia, it is the Field Artsakh. Except from that, these territories solve security issues for us. Giving a small piece of land means that the cannons are coming near to our communities and make them vulnerable. We cannot accept that, especially when the Azerbaijani side does not leave a room for any concessions”, said Ashot Melkonyan.

Speaking about the statements to present the Azerbaijani hostile actions as a crime to the international court head of the Armenian Question and the Armenian Genocide history's department Armen Marukyan mentioned that it is not so easy process.

 “There is a need to collect data, to prepare a suit. Besides, according to the Charter of the International Criminal Court, only those countries can apply to the court that are members of the court. Armenia and Azerbaijan are not member states of the International Criminal Court. However, it doesn’t mean that they do not have a full right to apply to the court. There is another option, when the UN Security Council can apply to the court”, said Armen Marukyan. He recalled that on March 21, 2014 when the events in Kessab took place, the Russian Federation made two statements which called for the implementation of criminal investigation to check what happened in Kessab.

“It will be better to apply to Russia to raise the issue of Azerbaijani provocative actions in the UN Security Council, and reach the point when the case will be sent to the International Criminal Court. The process is not easy, however, not all opportunities are closed”, said Armen Marukyan.

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