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International community should take a very concrete stance against such behavior. Mirzoyan on Azerbaijan's aggression

International community should take a very concrete stance against such behavior. 
Mirzoyan on Azerbaijan's aggression

YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS. Parallel to the peace negotiations, Armenia and the international community should take a very sharp stance against Azerbaijan's encroachments on Armenia's borders, ARMENPRESS reports, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said during the question-and-answer session with members of the government in the National Assembly, referring to the observation of Sergey Bagratyan from the Civil Contract Party that processes are taking place parallel to the peace negotiations, and there is no explanation for the public why Azerbaijan should shoot at the Armenian positions in Yeraskh while going for peace.

"It's no secret that Azerbaijan is constantly trying to use force to change, disrupt the course of the negotiations, and in the end impose on Armenia the solutions it wants. This is not the first manifestation, and I'm sure it won't be the last either. Another issue is that we, Armenia, and the international community should take a very sharp stance towards this kind of behavior, or we negotiate with good will to find mutually acceptable solutions, or, if it is through the use of force, then this kind of policy is at least unacceptable for us. We hope that it is also unacceptable for the international community," said Mirzoyan.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that in this particular case and in many previous cases it refers to the internationally recognized borders of Armenia. Those borders must remain inviolable. The minister emphasized that the territorial integrity of Armenia must be restored, and the international community must play a role in this matter.

There is a new nuance in the case of the latest Azerbaijani aggression in the direction of Eraskh. "It was previously announced that a metallurgical plant is being built there. According to preliminary estimates, this factory will significantly contribute to the economic development of Armenia during its operation. And here the Azerbaijani side first came up with fabricated environmental accusations, while we fulfill all our international obligations, including in the environmental context, and this is also about this particular factory. This is not an empty statement, but a verified one. And Azerbaijan presented false environmental accusations, after which the Armenian side denied it. And after the announcement of the position of the Armenian side, the Azerbaijani side is trying to disrupt this plan again simply by using force. This is not only an encroachment on the borders of Armenia, not only a violation of the ceasefire, but also by making baseless accusations and giving false justification, an attempt is being made to disrupt a program that can contribute to the economic development of Armenia," said the Foreign Minister.

Mirzoyan stated that the leadership of Azerbaijan has repeatedly undertaken an additional obligation in the presence of other actors not to resort to the use of force. That way of working is unacceptable for the Armenian side, it should be unacceptable for the international community as well.

Earlier, it became known that on June 14, around 11:45, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan opened fire in the direction of the metallurgical plant being built with foreign investments in Yeraskh, as a result of which 2 foreign citizens were injured.


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