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Qualitative reform in education sector one of our most important tasks – Armenian PM addresses message

Qualitative reform in education sector one of our most important tasks – Armenian PM 
addresses message

YEREVAN, JUNE 3, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan congratulated school graduates on the occasion of Last Bell, the PM’s Office said.

The message reads:

“Dear graduates of public schools,

I congratulate all of you on the Last Bell.

Today you cross one of the most important boundaries of your life, you are passing from childhood to adulthood, the first steps of which are waiting for you weeks later when you should make decisions that will directly affect the essence and quality of your future life.

The talk, of course, is firstly about choosing a profession, and I hope that our beloved teachers have managed to provide you with the skills during the school years so that you can make a right decision.

And what is that right decision? Choose a profession that you like and not others. Choose a profession that will become an action for you, will motivate you to wake up as early as possible every day and go to work with pleasure and will bring benefit to others.

I believe that every person has a mission in this life. Each of you has a mission in this life and the right selection of the profession is a process of finding the mission, which is perhaps the most important decision that you are going to make in the future.

I don’t want you to go for diplomas which sometimes give nothing, I want you to go for the mission, be it a mission of a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, a military officer, a businessman, an artist, an engineer, a police officer, a judge, a cook, a builder, a locksmith, a welder, a waiter, a farmer or a carpenter.

I want you to believe in the mission of changing the world to better, changing our homeland to better, I want you also to believe in your civil mission because you are going to have a chance to make decisions on the country’s future very soon, as a voter. I believe in you and want that you also fully believe in yourself and your future. In any case, knowledge and skills are the guarantee of that future.

Respectful teachers,

I also congratulate you, and I know that many of you and your students will have tears in your eyes today. Beyond these emotions it is the responsibility, our and yours responsibility for the further fate of students who are leaving the school today.

Our homeland is passing through difficult times and I want to reaffirm that all the problems that we have, we should search for and find their solutions first of all in education field, because all these problems, without exception, have been formed at the level of primary school or general education, sometimes and often because of their absence or incompleteness.

Today our government is carrying out large-scale reforms in general education sector. These reforms are focused on the access to quality education and the emphasis on the uniqueness of the role of a teacher with all its consequences and results. During yesterday’s Cabinet meeting I announced that the qualitative reform of the education sector is one of our most important actions, and we have nothing more important to do. There is no exaggeration here.

Dear teachers, dear graduates,

Today is the last class in schools, but life gives us lessons every day, and I wish all of us high progress in that lifelong study. For the sake of our homeland, our generations and our fallen heroes”.



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