Strike of several office employees of Yerevan airport didn’t impact flight schedule

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Strike of several office employees of Yerevan airport didn’t impact flight schedule

YEREVAN, MAY 2, ARMENPRESS. A group of employees of Yerevan’s Zvartnots airport have joined the ongoing demonstrations in Armenia, however the move hasn’t interrupted both inbound or outbound flights.

Satenik Hovhannisyan, spokesperson of the General Department of Civil Aviation, told ARMENPRESS that only one flight - Atlas Global KK 1822 from Istanbul to Yerevan – has been cancelled as of 11:00.

“All other flights have been operated according to the schedule”, she said.

There is no official information whether the cancellation of the Istanbul-Yerevan flight is connected with the ongoing situation in Yerevan.

A footage on social media earlier showed an employee of the check-in department of the airport announcing that he is joining the strike, followed by nearly two dozen of other airport employees chanting “strike”.

As demonstrations and civil disobediences resumed, a group of protesters blocked the road leading to Yerevan’s Zvartnots airport in the morning of May 2. Tourists and passengers were seen carrying their luggage and walking to/from the airport.

After nearly 9 hours of debates on electing a Prime Minister on May 1, with opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan being the sole candidate, the Armenian parliament failed to make the election as 55 lawmakers voted against and 45 lawmakers voted in favor.

The only nominated candidate for Prime Minister was opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, who spearheaded the latest protest campaigns which prompted the resignation of Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan on April 23.

Pashinyan was nominated by the opposition Yelk faction.

Two other factions – Tsarukyan and the ARF – have endorsed the opposition MPs candidacy.

Pashinyan needed at least 53 votes to be elected Prime Minister.

There are 4 factions in the Armenian parliament. The Republican Party (HHK) faction, the ruling party of Armenia, has 58 seats in the 105-seat unicameral parliament of Armenia – known as the National Assembly. The ARF faction – (Armenian Revolutionary Federation aka Dashnaktsutyun), has 7 seats. The Tsarukyan alliance has 31 seats, and the Yelk faction has 9 seats.

According to the Constitution, in case of failure to elect a Prime Minister in the parliament, a second round of election is held seven days later. In the second round, candidates nominated by at least one third of the total number of MPs are entitled to participate in the election. If a Prime Minister isn’t elected in the second round also, the parliament is dissolved by virtue of law.

Pashinyan called on his supporters to resume demonstrations and civil disobedience campaigns.

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