Syrian-Armenians adapted to Armenia’s conditions and integrated to country’s life – Diaspora minister

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Syrian-Armenians adapted to Armenia’s conditions and integrated to country’s life – Diaspora minister

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 10, ARMENPRESS. Diaspora minister of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan says majority of Syrian-Armenians who relocated to Armenia due to the Syrian war will continue living in Armenia.

The minister told ARMENPRESS that Syrian-Armenians establish businesses in Armenia from nothing which shows that they are hard working, try to do something and mainly achieve success.

“I talk to a lot of Syrian-Armenians, most of them do not want to return, but you know no one can state whether their approaches are final and permanent. Our beloved, modest, smart, organized and literate Syrian-Armenians left their homes, businesses, cars, history, cultural and historical heritage in Syria. This is a fact. It is also a fact that their gaze is towards Syria. One day they will go to receive final assessment of their properties, sell it to see what remained from their properties. These issues are still questionable for them. Therefore, they are not psychologically calm yet. I think this will happen when final peace is established in Syria. Now the situation is relatively calm there, let God maintain it, but as long as the peace agreement is not signed, there is still tension, and the Syrian-Armenians are also in tension”, Hranush Hakobyan said.

The minister said one of the topics of the 2017 Armenia-Diaspora forum was dedicated to the Syrian-Armenians, adding that a similar discussion was also held during the 2014 forum. “You know, these discussions were different to a great extent. If there was a nervous situation in 2014, tension, demand, complaints that some questions have not been solved, during this forum everything was calm since 6 aircrafts carrying humanitarian aid have arrived in Syria under the auspices of the Armenian President, we sponsor the nursing home, the orphanage, try to help Syrian-Armenians with all possible measures. Syrian-Armenians have been adapted and integrated to here. If previously they wanted a Syrian school here to study with their program, today they record significant results in our Armenian schools. They also record perfect results in culture, economy and business fields. At the moment we almost have no Syrian-Armenian who faces problems that are not being solved”, the minister said.

She said Syrian-Armenians also face difficulties in Armenia since they don’t earn as much as they earned in Syria. But the minister said they have already been adapted to Armenia’s conditions and are working hard.


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