Mushroom production to develop in Armenia

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Mushroom production to develop in Armenia

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 17, ARMENPRESS: Mushroom production in Armenia is quite a new branch, though there are producers, who import fresh and canned mushrooms to the market. Armenpress talked to Suren Davtyan, the Director of one of the biggest mushroom producing companies “Healthy mushroom”.

- What was the situation in this sector ten years ago, when you started to cultivate mushrooms? Were there big competitors and what problems did you face on the way?

- When we started our activities, we worked in a room, where compost was being produced, and the cultivation of mushrooms had an experimental nature at that time. Later we increased the production of fresh mushrooms and the sector grew, becoming one of the sub-branches of the agriculture. When we started this business, few economies in Armenia were involved in mushroom cultivation. They did not have enough funds to study the sector and stopped their activities.

We chose this branch as a key one and have come to the level, when we produce quite big volumes of compost. At this moment we can say that the mushroom production has become a separate branch in Armenia. I consider it important as the production process involves many workers, plus those, who are participating in other parts of the production of mushrooms, necessary for the mushroom processing. (THE FULL INTERVIEW IS AVAILABLE IN ARMENIAN)


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