Yeremyan Projects presented its new Guinness World Record to Armenia

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Yeremyan Projects presented its new Guinness World Record to Armenia

YEREVAN, JUNE 25, ARMENPRESS.During the official meeting between Armenian Economy Minister Gevorg Papoyan and Yeremyan Projects Group founder and General Director, David Yeremyan, the latter presented the Guinness World Record certificate for "Most cups of milk served in one hour" to Papoyan. This gesture was made on behalf of Yeremyan Projects as a sign of effective cooperation.

In 2022, the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), and "Yeremyan Farm" signed a memorandum of cooperation, which stated the goal of the cooperation was to ensure the food security and sustainable economic development of the Republic of Armenia in the field of agro-industry.Within the framework of this largest investment project, Yeremyan Projects built the first and unique cattle-breeding complex in Armenia in October 2023 in the Tashir community of Lori region.Within the framework of the same project, a new trendy milk processing plant of the Yeremyan Projects group of companies was built in Yerevan and opened in May 2024.The Government of the Republic of Armenia, in opposition to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, has been actively involved in all stages of the implementation of this program aimed at the development of milk production in Armenia.

The Guinness Record event was initiated by Yeremyan Projects within the framework of its adopted mission and strategy, to develop a new culture of both modern animal husbandry andhigh-quality milk production and consumption of dairy products in Armenia.This initiative aligns with the goals outlined in the tripartite memorandum.

Aimed at these goals, "Yeremyan Projects" was already carrying out the milk reception "Much milk is much love"for the second time. Having received great feedback from the first event, the company repeated the event on June 1, 2024, World Milk Day, set a new record and surpassed the previous Guinness record set in Costa Rica in the category (Most cups of milk served in one hour).In "Seasons" park, 7469 people drank a glass of milk in 1 hour, instead of 6000 intended for the Guinness record: the new record officially belongs to Armenia.

Accepting the certificate certifying the record, Armenian Economy Minister Gevorg Papoyan stated, “We highly appreciate Yeremyan Projects' efforts in producing high-quality milk in Armenia and ensuring consumers receive only high-quality products. I am sure that setting a Guinness World Record will not only contribute to increasing the recognition and ranking of the company on international platforms, but also will be a new stimulus for the development of the agro-industrial complex of our country and ensuring the competitiveness of Armenian dairy products."

Davit Yeremyan, founder and general director of Yeremyan Projects company, says:"We have adopted a clear strategy for ourselves: not only to produce high-quality milk, but also to change the culture of milk consumption in our country, to break the stereotypes due to which milk is consumed less in our society."Much milk is much love" is one of the measures aimed at that goal. High quality has been and remains a primary principle for us. Achieving this record would not have been possible without meeting stringent quality standards. We have worked extensively with our partners, overcoming many challenges along the way to ensure this.The record was a great event both for us and for Armenia.Therefore, we are pleased to present the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia with the Guinness World Record certificate, symbolizing our effective cooperation. This achievement underscores our commitment to ensuring food security, setting new standards in production quality, and advancing the sector's development in Armenia.”

Yeremyan Projects set its first Guinness World Record in 2018 with their Gata, officially registered as the "Largest Serving of Gata" to commemorate Yerevan's 2800th anniversary.The certificatewas presented by the company to Yerevan, and it is now located in Yerevan Municipality.


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