Armenpress and Iranian Mehr Media Group sign a memorandum of understanding

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Armenpress and Iranian Mehr Media Group sign a memorandum of understanding

YEREVAN, JUNE 12, ARMENPRESS. A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Iranian Mehr Media Groupand Armenpress state news agency in an online version.

Regarding this significant event and the expected cooperation, managing director of Mehr Media Group Mohammad Mahdi Rahmati specifically mentioned that the memorandum marks the beginning of a close and effective cooperation.

“Armenpress, as the oldest news agency in Armenia with approximately 105 years of history, is an important and influential agency in the country.I was also delighted to see that you have a Persian section.Iran and Armenia have always maintained a close, warm, and friendly relationship.There has not been such significant and remarkable activity in the media and cultural fields,”said managing director of Mehr Media Group Mohammad Mahdi Rahmati.

According to him the events that have occurred in the region over the past two years have made the public in Iran more sensitive to this region.He is certain that the public in Armenia also pays special attention to this important issue.

“Fortunately, our media relationship and cooperation can ensure that the public in both countries receive first-hand and more accurate news about each other and about this crucial border.The same will apply to other important and common issues.It is noteworthy that through our cooperation, we can disseminate accurate and correct news about each other.Iran and Armenia are often subjected to news blackouts or the spread of fake news by hostile media from other countries.This leads to misunderstandings and incorrect perceptions between the two nations.I hope that our connection and cooperation will overcome this issue and correct these misunderstandings.I am confident that today, due to this significant event, is a memorable and important day in the history of both media outlets,” said Mohammad Mahdi Rahmati.

Director of ArmenpressNarineNazaryan, in her turn, noted, this marks a new milestone in the history of our institutions and in the broader context of media cooperation between Armenia and Iran.

“In today's world, where media and social platforms play a critical role in reshaping our lives and influencing our decisions, it is essential to provide credible, reliable, and verified information to our audiences.This memorandum is not just a document; it is a shared commitment to fostering a dynamic exchange of news and information.As media institutions, we are tasked with the responsibility to inform, educate, and connect people across borders and cultures,” said the director of Armenpress.

Nazaryan expressed confidencethat the partnership we are enhancing today will facilitate the exchange of comprehensive coverage, deeper insights, and a richer understanding of the events that shape our countries.

“I am confident that through this collaboration, we will not only overcome the challenges of misinformation and technological changes, but also set new benchmarks for excellence in journalism.I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our colleagues at Mehr Media Gruop for their unwavering commitment to this partnership,” said Nazaryan.

The welcome words were followed by an online signing ceremony for the memorandum of understanding, which opens a new arena for mutually beneficial cooperation between Armenia and Iran in the media field.

The memorandum envisages the exchange of news, photos and video content, as well as the exchange of employees of the two media outlets.

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