Centuries-old Armenian-Georgian friendship finds expression in cultural sphere as well - Eliso Bolkvadze

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Centuries-old Armenian-Georgian friendship finds expression in cultural sphere as well - Eliso Bolkvadze

YEREVAN, MAY 23, ARMENPRESS. According to Eliso Bolkvadze, the Chair of the Culture Committee of the Parliament of Georgia and a famous pianist, the friendly relations between the Armenian and Georgian peoples, which have a history of thousands of years, also find expression in the cultural interaction between the two countries, distinguished by a high dynamic of development.

The Georgian MP who is also a well-known pianist, had a solo concert on May 21 at the Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall in Yerevan. Afterwards, she answered questions of Armenpress. Eliso Bolkvadze noted that the thousands of Armenians living in Georgia also influence the development of Armenian-Georgian intercultural relations.

"I am now engaged in politics. I am a member of the parliament and Chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee of Georgia. The historical and cultural relations between our two countries are also deeply developed at the parliamentary level. We work in all directions, both with the ministries and within the parliament. It is possible to do the both because cultural diplomacy is one of the most important topics for the Parliament of Georgia and our committee," said Bolkvadze.

"We have many joint ideas, which we discussed in a very interesting meeting the day before with the members of the Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Diaspora, Youth, and Sport of the National Assembly of Armenia. This means that we will indeed do our utmost to continue our relationship in the future, as it has been established for centuries. Now, we will have a new and renewed relationship in the cultural sphere, which is deepening more and more between the two countries," said Eliso Bolkvadze, reminding that back in 2022, a memorandum on cooperation in the field of culture was signed between the relevant committees of the parliaments of Armenia and Georgia.

Addressing the question of whether there are plans to hold Georgian cultural days in Armenia and Armenian cultural days in Georgia, the deputy noted that both sides are preparing to hold such events, while also emphasizing the importance of direct interaction between the parliaments of the two countries.

"Parliaments can support and promote this idea. We, of course, decide the political direction of the country. I am sure that in the near future, some organization will be needed on this issue, because the situation is not easy in either Armenia or Georgia. We are two small countries fighting for independence and sovereignty. And, of course, we have such an opinion.

Discussions are taking place in the Parliament of Georgia about how this can be done. We are also discussing the best way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the legendary musician Charles Aznavour," Bolkvadze said, noting that the 100th anniversary of the famous film director Sergei Parajanov had already been celebrated with the efforts of the Armenian Embassy in Georgia and the country's parliament.

During the interview, Eliso Bolkvadze also mentioned the Lira Charitable Fund, which she founded with the purpose of supporting young people with musical talent. She also explained that talented Armenian children living in Georgia also benefit from the support provided by the Fund.

"Of course, we have talented Armenian children. They live in Akhalkalaki (Javakhk). There are two fantastic young pianists, Anahit Stelmashova and Arseny, who is only 10 years old. Anahit has participated several times in festivals held in Paris and Batumi, and she has won many awards. Currently, she is in Vienna. So, we have many talented and amazing pianists," she said.

''Under the auspices of UNESCO, the Lira Fund also holds an International Black Sea Festival in Batumi, which is one of the finest festivals in Georgia. Additionally, we organize master classes for young talents.

The Fund, of course, supports children in Georgia. During my recent visit to Armenia, together with the Georgian Embassy, we organized a reception for young people, and we chose a boy who was very talented, and he is already in Paris. Now I am going to invite him for the second time," said the Georgian deputy, emphasizing the importance of promoting and motivating young talents to use their abilities for creation.

"This is very important for me, and I do it with all my heart and I am always ready to help in whatever I can," concluded the Chair of the Culture Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.


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