Navigating the Future: Insights from AIM Congress 2024 with Dawood Al Shezawi

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Navigating the Future: Insights from AIM Congress 2024 with Dawood Al Shezawi

ABU DHABI, APRIL 23, ARMENPRESS. In the ever-shifting seas of global investment, AIM Congress stands as a lighthouse, guiding industry titans, policymakers, and entrepreneurs toward new horizons of opportunity. As the doors swing open to AIM Congress 2024, the world's attention turns to Abu Dhabi, where visionaries converge to chart the course of economic growth and development. At the helm of this maritime of minds is Dawood Al Shezawi, President of AIM Global Foundation and AIM Congress, offering a compass of wisdom amidst the swirling currents of change.

Question: What is AIM Congress, and what is its significance in the global investment landscape?

Dawood Al Shezawi: AIM Congress, organized by the AIM Global Foundation, stands as a pivotal event uniting global leaders, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and experts to discuss investment strategies and challenges. Its significance lies in its role in boosting promotion strategies, facilitating economic opportunities, and fostering international economic relations, ultimately aiming to ignite positive transformation and economic growth worldwide.

Question: What makes the AIM Congress 2024 particularly special or noteworthy compared to previous editions?

Dawood Al Shezawi: AIM Congress 2024 holds special significance due to its theme of adapting to a shifting investment landscape and harnessing new potential for global economic development. This year the event boasts an impressive lineup of participants, including over 25 government ministers, 45 city mayors, 12 central bank governors, 900+ speakers, 450 dialogue sessions, 7 high-level roundtable meetings, 9 global stock markets, 50+ unicorns, and more than 12,000 delegates representing 175 countries worldwide, in 27 joint events organized in cooperation with 304+ international and global partners.

Question: For attendees planning to participate in AIM Congress 2024, what can they expect in terms of content, activities, and opportunities?

Dawood Al Shezawi: Attendees can expect a dynamic and enriching experience at AIM Congress 2024, featuring a wide range of content, activities, and opportunities. From insightful panel discussions to networking sessions, the congress provides a platform to engage with global leaders, explore investment trends, and forge meaningful partnerships to drive economic development.

Question: What is the importance of the core tracks featured at AIM Congress, and how do they contribute to the overall objectives of the congress?

Dawood Al Shezawi: The core tracks at AIM Congress play a crucial role in addressing various aspects of investment and economic development. From focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises to exploring innovation and technology, these tracks facilitate knowledge-sharing, best practices, and collaboration among attendees, ultimately contributing to the congress's overarching goal of fostering economic growth and transformation.

Question: How does AIM Congress contribute to fostering economic relations among nations and addressing global challenges?

Dawood Al Shezawi: AIM Congress serves as a vital platform for fostering economic relations among nations by bringing together global leaders, policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss investment strategies and opportunities. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration, AIM Congress helps countries identify common challenges and explore solutions that promote economic growth and development on a global scale.

Question: In what ways does AIM Congress support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs, particularly through the SMEs Track - Entrepreneurs Investment Summit?

Dawood Al Shezawi: The SMEs Track - Entrepreneurs Investment Summit at AIM Congress provides a dedicated platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to access investment opportunities and resources. Through fireside chats, panel sessions, and networking events, AIM Congress offers valuable insights, best practices, and connections to help SMEs thrive and expand. This initiative aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, foster innovation, and unlock the potential of SMEs in driving economic growth.

Question: Could you provide insights into the role of innovation and technology in driving economic growth, as highlighted in the Innovation & Technology Track of AIM Congress?

Dawood Al Shezawi: The Innovation & Technology Track at AIM Congress showcases the transformative impact of innovation and technology on economic growth. From artificial intelligence to blockchain technology, this track explores emerging trends and innovations across various industries. By facilitating discussions, presentations, and hands-on experiences, AIM Congress aims to inspire collaboration, foster innovation, and drive economic advancement through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

Question: What are some of the key discussions or topics that will be covered in the Future Finance Forum Track at AIM Congress 2024, and how do they reflect the shifting trends in the financial sector?

Dawood Al Shezawi: The Future Finance Forum Track at AIM Congress 2024 will explore the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, fintech innovations, and digital currencies in advancing financial inclusivity, stability, and sustainability. Key discussions will revolve around opportunities, risks, and challenges associated with implementing these technologies in the financial sector. This reflects the shifting trends in the financial sector towards digitalization and innovation, aiming to reshape financial systems and drive sustainable economic development.

Question: Could you elaborate on the significance of AIM Startup within the framework of AIM Congress and how it empowers tech entrepreneurs?

Dawood Al Shezawi: AIM Startup, as one of the key pillars of AIM Congress, plays a significant role in empowering tech entrepreneurs by bridging gaps in resources and investments. Through mentorship, investment opportunities, networking, and exposure, AIM Startup provides indispensable support for tech startups, helping them thrive and succeed in the global market. This initiative fosters innovation, encourages collaboration, and nurtures a new generation of tech entrepreneurs, ultimately contributing to economic growth and development.

Question: How does AIM Congress facilitate networking and collaboration among attendees, and what are some examples of successful partnerships or initiatives that have emerged from past congresses?

Dawood Al Shezawi: AIM Congress facilitates networking and collaboration among attendees through various channels such as panel discussions, networking events, and exclusive meetings. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with global leaders, investors, policymakers, and industry experts, fostering valuable partnerships and initiatives. Examples of successful partnerships from past congresses include cross-border collaborations, joint ventures, and investment opportunities that have contributed to economic growth and development in various regions.


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