France is one of first countries to respond to Armenia's decision to diversify its security sector: Pashinyan to Lecornu

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France is one of first countries to respond to Armenia's decision to diversify its security sector: Pashinyan to Lecornu

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 23, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received the delegation led by French Minister for the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, who arrived on an official visit to the Republic of Armenia.

According to the readout issued by the PM's office, welcoming the delegation led by the Minister of the Armed Forces, the Prime Minister noted."Dear Minister, I welcome you and your delegation to the Republic of Armenia. This is the first visit of you and, in general, the Minister of the Armed Forces of France to the Republic of Armenia, and it is already historic by this fact.

I want to thank you for your support in forming our bilateral agenda and implementing that agenda. I must emphasize that, of course, the changes taking place in our security situation and cooperation are logical and justified. Of course, by thanking you, I should also consider it logical that France is one of the first countries to respond to our decision to diversify our relations in the field of security, because as we had the opportunity to discuss in Paris two days ago, our relations are very deep and multi-layered, and it is logical that these relations must be expressed also in the field of defense and security. I also want to emphasize that the security component has always been present in our discussions with President Macron, and now I am glad that these discussions are getting a concrete expression, including with your support."

In his turn, Sébastien Lecornu noted."Thank you for these words and reception. You thrilled the French people with your presence at the Pantheon. It can be said that this was a very unique week for our two republics. As I told the media representatives with whom I just met, there was indeed a certain gap: on the one hand, the warm friendly relations that we had, and the defense sector, which was not yet fully realized.

I think that your personal relationship with the French president also plays a big role in this progress. I think it's based on trust, and let me say, our mutual trust as well. I think that our teams have mapped out a very specific path for us together with your Defense Ministry. And taking into account the threats that hang over Armenia's head, we are forced to move forward faster. That is, it is very important for us to react quickly and arrange the steps.

A lot was already underway, but thanks to the bilateral relations and the meeting you had with President Macron, it allowed us to move forward this morning in the same directions you had indicated together in Paris."

According to the source, the interlocutors discussed the works carried out in the direction of defense cooperation and upcoming plans.

The parties emphasized Armenia-France cooperation within the framework of the reforms of the Armenian Armed Forces, including military education, combat training and other directions.

The sides exchanged thoughts on issues related to regional security and stability.


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