Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan dismissed

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Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan dismissed

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 14, ARMENPRESS. By the decree of Armenia's President Vahagn Khachaturyan, Vahan Kerobyan has been dismissed from the post of the Minister of Economy.

Vahan Kerobyan announced his resignation on February 14 in a post on social media.

“Dear residents of the Republic of Armenia. It so happened that I will no longer serve you as Minister of Economy,” he said in the statement published on social media. “For more than three years, I worked with selfless devotion, filled with love towards each and every resident of Armenia. I worked at least six days a week, on an average from eight in the morning until nine in the evening, with just fifteen or sixteen days of leave taken during three years in total. I lived each day of work with a strong pursuit of having a powerful Armenia as soon as possible. I’ve been decisive, honest and devoted to my country. In 2023, the GDP of Armenia grew approximately 100% in US dollars compared to 2020, and 50% in Armenian drams. Armenia moved from being 112nd to 86th with GDP per capita during this time, surpassing for the first time Azerbaijan, Belarus and many other countries. The budgeting programs of the Ministry of Economy grew from 12,5 billion drams in 2019 to 91 billion drams for 2024. The employment output, volume of investments and Armenia’s foreign trade turnover grew drastically. On 20th of November, 2020, when I was assuming the post of minister, there was a high probability that I would serve only for a few days or months: there was a high likelihood of change of government. During that period of time I wanted to leave this work on many occasions due to disagreements, but I subordinated myself in order to bring the value of my service to my country to its maximum. I am grateful to the Prime Minister for this opportunity to serve my country,” Kerobyan said.


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