1975 map should serve as basis for delimitation with Azerbaijan, says Armenian PM

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1975 map should serve as basis for delimitation with Azerbaijan, says Armenian PM

YEREVAN, MAY 22, ARMENPRESS. The 1975 map of the USSR military’s General Staff could and should serve as the basis for delimitation with Azerbaijan, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said at a May 22 press conference when asked on the process.

PM Pashinyan said that Armenia reiterates Russia’s stance that the delimitation process should be conducted based on the 1975 maps of the USSR General Staff, and, according to PM Pashinyan, a reciprocal withdrawal of forces from the border recorded by these maps would ensure stability on the border.

“I must gladly note that we are already seeing this issue recorded by the international community, which is rather important and commendable. I can’t note a movement of stance by Azerbaijan in this regard, but at the same time I will emphasize that ensuring border security is an important part of the negotiations process. It is no secret that Azerbaijan continues to engage in a policy of military pressure in an attempt to gain more beneficial conditions in the talks through military pressure, but at the same time I have to note that this constitutes a violation of an internationally assumed obligation, because under the statement adopted during the 31 October 2022 Sochi meeting the parties agreed and assumed obligation to avoid from the use of force or threat of force. We must continue our work,” PM Pashinyan said.

The reciprocal withdrawal of forces doesn’t predetermine the delimitation work, Pashinyan said, adding that the process would simply ensure stability.

“I believe that the 1975 map could and should be the basis for future delimitation works as well, because this is what the 6 October 2022 agreements in Prague imply regarding delimitation based on the Almaty Declaration,” the Armenian Prime Minister said.


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