Armenia has become a road to Silicon Valley for foreign startups– Krisp co-founder on influx

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Armenia has become a road to Silicon Valley for foreign startups– Krisp co-founder on influx

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 6, ARMENPRESS. A significant inflow of professional potential in the IT sector is seen in Armenia especially from Russia. On one hand these professionals are bringing experience gained from major companies, and on the other hand they are causing competition, KrispCo-FounderArtavazdMinasyan told ARMENPRESS during the 2022 Global Innovation Forum (GIF).

Minasyan highlighted the need to replenish the Armenian companies with talented and experienced professionals.

“They are coming with work experience in major companies and if they join Armenian companies then rapid exchange of knowledge is conducted,” he said.

Krisp is a software solution that provides Noise Cancellation, Voice Cancellation, Echo Cancellation, and more to individuals and businesses, helping them to be heard clearer during online meetings in an increasingly remote world.

Minasyan attached importance to the entry into the Armenian market of new companies, such as Yandex and Miro.

“There weren’t this kind of major companies in Armenia before, and this will lead to a new working culture, knowledge, among others. This opens new opportunities for our IT employees as well. They can go and gain new skills and experience from successful companies,” Minasyan said.

To some extent, Minasyan argues, Armenia has become a road to the Silicon Valley for foreign founders of IT companies.

“Now many Russian and Ukrainian founders are presenting themselves as founders of Armenian startups and then only go to the Silicon Valley,” he said.

Asked whether or not there are concerns that the foreign professionals could be taking away the jobs of the local employees, Minasyan said that competition in the IT sector remains actual everywhere around the world.

“There are many systems which enable you to hire people in different countries without legal difficulties, that’s why the competition is so actual. True, this leads to more competition, but you can’t avoid this. If you are a good professional and you want to have a good job, you must take into account that you’re going to compete with the best global professionals,” Minasyan said.

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