“Armenia Rocks” – Brian May shares impressions

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“Armenia Rocks” – Brian May shares impressions

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 9, ARMENPRESS. Queen guitarist, co-founder of STARMUS Festival Brian May shared his impressions from the 6th edition of the STARMUS Festival in Yerevan, Armenia.

“STARMUS - YEREVAN - ARMENIA !!! It was highly emotional - risky - joyous - indescribable. And so quickly, after all the months of preparation, the discussions, the rehearsals, and deliberations, so quickly we were in the middle of it, and so quickly - too quickly - it was done, and we were bowing with that amazing sound of a happy audience in our ears. And again, in the quiet of the night, that feeling of release, and relief that it all passed well, never entirely according to plan, of course, but thankfully very well, and there were no obvious train wrecks - nothing that I need to apologise for … well, not much !!!

I can’t even put into words what that reception from you lovely Armenians for me personally meant to me - so much love - as if I were a returning long-lost child, or husband, or grandfather … thanks so much. I felt completely at home. And I hope I will be spared to return some day - perhaps in yet another different situation.

Armenia Rocks !!! Bri,” May said on Instagram.


Armenia, Yerevan, 0002, Martiros Saryan 22


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