Technology development the best way for Artsakh’s development: Technoschool to be built in Martuni

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Technology development the best way for Artsakh’s development: Technoschool to be built in Martuni

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 16, ARMENPRESS. Artsakh’s Martuni region will have a technoschool. The school will help the residents of Artsakh to specialize in the field, and the students – to become competitive in the market.

Director of the “I” Education Fund Ashot Avanesyan told ARMENPRESS that the creation and export of technology products is the best way for Artsakh’s security and economic development.

Mr. Avanesyan assures that technological education is a priority in Artsakh, and there is a need to raise it to an international level. There is a wish to build the Moonk Technoschool, but its launch requires the active involvement of the leading specialists of the field and the support of philanthropists who value education.

“We should establish the Moonk Technoschool within the frames of the “I” Education Fund. It will enable the youth of Martuni region to get contemporary technology education. It will not be like the ordinary public schools. The classes will be extra-curricular”, he said.

After participating in the 2020 War, Avanesyan said he understood the urgency of strengthening the communities. It’s already two years young people in Artsakh are getting education within the Fund, acquire professional skills. The technoschool is the second stage of the program where students must get a concrete profession.

“The school will prepare modern competitive specialists in the region. It will solve an educational problem, but the problem is solved for a concrete purpose – to provide a job. The first task in general was to show that not everything is lost in Artsakh, that you can succeed on your own thanks to your hard work, capabilities and self-development. Everyone should understand that he/she can”, he said, adding that MOONK will be a result of a team work. “The name of the technoschool is also connected with its goal”, he added.

Presenting the benefits of the technoschool, the Director of the Fund said that the young people will not leave their communities and by staying in their villages they will be able to find jobs in every part of the world. In case of establishing this school, the number of the 6 communities involved in the Fund’s courses will rise to 12. The project implementation will provide the youth with educational and personal development opportunity. The school will contribute to the development of the communities and the creation of new jobs in Martuni region.

Ashot Avanesyan also presented how the donations to be made for the school will be used. He said the program will be implemented at 3 stages.

In the first stage, the mobile laboratories will reveal the educational potential of the youth through the visit to the communities. In line with this, the renovation works of the building will be carried out, and the classrooms and laboratories will be equipped in accordance with international standards.

“The school is envisaged for 300 beneficiaries”, he said.

In the second stage, necessary equipment, computers, etc., will be acquired.

At the last stage, it is expected to recruit the necessary specialists and launch the technoschool, as well as to purchase a minibus for transporting the students from the communities to the school. Administrative expenses are also envisaged (inviting specialists, salaries of moderators, lecturers, etc.).

“Many individual specialists have applied and are ready to join us, even to teach for free”, he said.

As of this moment, nearly 28 million drams have been invested for the construction of the technoschool. But the goal is to raise these funds to 67 million 562 thousand drams.

A number of companies, such as Service Titan, Mantashov Entrepreneurs Union, Armenian Code Academy, M.A.M education fund, have joined the program.

The ministry of education of Artsakh will solve the problem of access to education in communities and ensuring future specialists. ArtsakhEnergo CJSC has also assisted the program.

Avanesyan also informed that System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian urged his audience to make donations to the technoschool.

Here is the link for those who wish to make donations for the school.

Reporting by Karine Terteryan


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