SPRING PR is the winner of WCFA Davos Digital PR Awards

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SPRING PR is the winner of WCFA Davos Digital PR Awards

YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. Armenian SPRING PR-company has been announced among the winners of WCFA Davos Digital PR Awards as the Best Digital PR Project for "Milk is Love" communication campaign carried out jointly with "Yeremyan Projects".

The aim of the campaign was to promote a culture of consuming milk among Armenians, to raise awareness on the benefits of dairy products and to spread a word on food security challenges, emphasizing the importance of purchasing natural products.

The "Milk is love" campaign was launched in May 2020, during the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, when people were isolated in their homes, many companies were temporarily closed, and the media moved to remote work. Consumer behavior as well as attitudes towards organizations, products and services in different industries, requirements and expectations were changing. At that very moment "Yeremyan Products" brand entered the mass market with the "Milk is love" campaign.

Tatevik Simonyan, the co-founder and director of the international projects of SPRING PR,underlining the characteristics of digital campaigns, notes,“In times of crisis many organizations have undergone complex and important transformations abandoning tried and tested business approaches that have justified themselves for many years. Modern communication technologies, in their turn, faced radical changes by developing, becoming more complex and attracting new audiences. Communication professionals were among the first who responded to new circumstances, starting to look for new approaches, more efficient ways and formats of communicating with various target groups. We have implemented the “Milk is love” communication campaign by using several digital tools, innovative and interesting methods. The campaign was special as soon as people were seeking love, warmth and positive energy those days and our main goal was to deliver it to them. That is why we chose the warm slogan - “Milk is love”. The international jury approved the campaign, actively discussed it, and described it as a project with an interesting strategy that conveys care and warmth. We are grateful to our international colleagues for the high recognition.”

The "Milk is Love" campaign was a new and unique approach of sustainable positioning in the context of the diverse and highly competitive Armenian dairy products market. "Milk is Love" campaign was inspired by the famous Got Milk? social campaign (USA, 1993).

Davit Yeremyan, Director General of Yeremyan Projects”, says, “In March, 2020, when restaurants were closed due to the pandemic, we used the window of opportunity and focused all our potential on agricultural projects. In a very short time, in just one month we entered a highly competitive market with our Yeremyan products brand presenting to our consumers high-quality and healthy dairy foods produced on our farms and primarily designed for our restaurants. Parallelly we successfully implemented a public awareness campaign on benefits of milk consumption. We got quite positive feedback from our consumers. And I am happy and proud that our joint effort with our long-standing partner - SPRING PR, has been highly appreciated by the international community. "

SPRING PR has also received the Communication 4 Future Davos Awards 2017 for the title "Pro Bono of the Future" for its Corporate Social Responsibility Project - "Lets Care, Armenia - World Water Day".

WCFA President Maxim Behar says: "This is the first edition of Davos Awards dedicated particularly on digital business and the competition was really very high. This is proof that all PR business goes online and I do believe that there will be no way back. WCFA Jury, headed by the well known social media expert Rui Martins, was combined of experienced professionals from all continents and it makes the win of SPRING PR much more valuable. I sincerely congratulate my Armenian colleagues and wish them many more wins of clients, projects, talents and - of course - awards.

The Davos Digital PR Awards recognize unique and valuable campaigns and exceptional professional work by public relations and communications professionals from around the world. Best Digital PR Project award gives a high recognition to the most memorable digital campaigns that are shifting consumers, and other key audiences' perspectives on the product, breaking stereotypes and forming new attitudes.

The most outstanding projects launched nationwide between January 2020 and July 2021 were considered in three categories - Best Digital PR Project, Best Digital PR Company, Digital PR Guru of 2021 - in the first edition of Davos Digital PR Awards. SPRING PR is the gold winner of the Best Digital PR Project. Entries were received from Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.


SPRING PR is an award-winning PR and research company founded in 2009 specializing in the spheres of strategic communications, reputation management, events’ organization and researches. The company cooperates with a number of local and international large, medium and small enterprises, state institutions, non-governmental and charitable organizations.

SPRING PR is a part of global PR community, with professional involvement in such reputable international organizations as the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Over the years, SPRING PR and its teamhavereceived topawardsandrecognition, including C4F DavosAwards (Communication for Future Davos Awards), IPRA Golden World Awards, Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards.

It is worth noting that in 2019, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of SPRING PR, Yerevan hosted the biggest event in the sphere of PR - Golden World Awards 2019 of the International PR Association (IPRA) and the Gala Dinner. About 120 experts, representatives of state agencies, executive officers of big companies, communication specialists from more than 50 countries arrived in Armenia.

In June 2020, SPRING PR signed two other memorandums of collaboration with its internationalpartnersStratcomm Africa,Jasper Alliance London Limited, European M3 Communications Group. Inc,and the GeorgianPR Consulting Group.

In 2021 for the first time in the history of Armenian PR companies, SPRING PR has been announced among the winners of “IPRA Golden World Awards - 2021” which is considered the Oscar of the field.


WCFA is first about individuals who have the ability to think global, act global. Every such individual is an ambassador who not only represents her/his region or organization on this truly global platform but also aspires to be the frontrunner in the development of the global communication culture. WCFA aims to contribute actively to the development of the modern public communications worldwide.

Key areas of activity

∙ Forming a cross-border and cross-cultural community of professionals and increasing its strong global influence via an agenda focused on communications, media, public relations, branding and leadership.

∙ Proceeding from the idea of communication as a key factor in the development of the humanity and aiming to intensify the the research of future specifics: new behaviour models, educational models, recognition and influence.

∙ Supporting young professionals by financing cross-national internships for students from communications schools.

∙ Supporting the annual World Forum "Communication on Top" in Davos as a platform for discussion that shapes the global communications agenda and foresees the influence of different media channels on society, business and the communications industry.


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