Russian armed forces to bring Armenian military to its level –analyst on reforms

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Russian armed forces to bring Armenian military to its level –analyst on reforms

YEREVAN, AUGUST 11, ARMENPRESS. Military-political analyst Mher Hakobyan believes that Russia will try to increase the Armenian military’s modernization to the level of the Russian military given the post-war situation and geopolitical developments in the region.

Asked by ARMENPRESS to comment on what specific participation Russia will have in the modernization of the Armenian military, and what kind of modernization to expect, Hakobyan said that presumably the reforms will be aimed both at improvement of management, ensuring air superiority, as well as modernization of other sectors.

Besides, most probably Russia will help Armenia in restoring the equipment losses of the 2020 war.

“We understand from the developments of the second half of 2021 that with an informal separation of global borders the West nevertheless left Armenia to Russia. In these conditions, Russia perceives our country as a serious zone of its influence regardless of who is in power in Armenia. And proceeding from this there is an objective to modernize the Armenian military,” Hakobyan said.

The analyst states that until now the Armenian military was by and large a “good Soviet-type army”. “Certainly there were some new elements. For example, air control, communication measures. But by principle, by its main backbone the Armenian army was Soviet-type,” he said.

According to Hakobyan, Russia is trying to use modern technologies in its military in line with global developments and in this context reforms are implemented in the Armenian Armed Forces as well.

“I presume that first of all an attempt will be made to bring the Armenian army at least to the level of the Russian army, including management, air superiority, and so on. Besides, I think Russia will very seriously restore our technical losses of the latest war. Naturally, all of this will be implemented first of all in the context of its interests, but this process will be useful for Armenia too,” Hakobyan concluded.

During the August 11 meeting in Moscow, the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu told his Armenian counterpart Arshak Karapetyan that Russia is ready to continue supporting the modernization and reforms in the Armenian military.

Interview by Aram Sargsyan

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