Armenia ought to intensify cooperation with SCO and BRICS with intent to become full member, says expert

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Armenia ought to intensify cooperation with SCO and BRICS with intent to become full member, says expert

YEREVAN, JULY 5, ARMENPRESS. The reputation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is steadily growing in a bid to become a separate pole in international relations, according to Grigor Balasanyan, an international affairs expert. Balasanyan told ARMENPRESS that the BRICS factor is contributing to the SCO’s growing role because it includes nearly the same founding members.

“The SCO’s appeal is that it is able to maintain the reputation of a universal organization ensuring comprehensive security in the Asia-Pacific. It is noteworthy that for instance India and Pakistan were considered enemies before becoming members of the SCO, but after joining it virtually no border clashes have taken place there, meaning they were able to resolve in the SCO strong disagreements and thus avoid military escalation. It’s no coincidence that many countries are seeking to join the organization because they tie their physical, economic and cultural security with it,” Balasanyan said.

The expert noted that the U.S. is also actively trying to establish close relations with the SCO and BRICS countries by engaging in separate talks so that they don’t abandon dollarization and don’t severe ties with Washington, and to openly condemn the events in Ukraine. But influential India and China pursue their interests, well realizing that both the SCO and BRICS have real opportunities to abandon U.S. dominance and the impact of the dollar, and not less importantly to decrease Washington’s role in regional processes.

“Following the example of India and China, many countries in Latin America, Africa and Middle East want to join BRICS, which in turn means a significant reduction of U.S. hegemony, whose economy – many believe – does no longer have a leading position in the world,” Balasanyan said.

Armenia ought to intensify cooperation with the SCO and BRICS with intent to become a full member of the two organizations to economically acquire access to broad markets and influential partners for its future development.

“In our case the security component is also important, given that the SCO has proven its vitality in this sense as well, hence joining it could bring significant benefits to Armenia,” the expert said.

Interview by Manvel Margaryan


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