Pashinyan urges all polical forces, including supporters of his party, to end antagonism against one another

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Pashinyan urges all polical forces, including supporters of his party, to end antagonism against one another

YEREVAN, JUNE 21, ARMENPRESS. Caretaker Prime Minister of Armenia, head of ''Civil Contract'' Party Nikol Pashinyan made two calls and proposals addressed to all the participants of the political process, ARMENPRESS reports Pashinyan spoke at the rally of ''Civil Contract'' Party at the Republican Square.

‘’The people of Armenia has made a decision. The people of Armenia has created a new political reality and situation. And the first point of that situation is the following. I urge all political forces, public activists to start from a simple point – put an end to insulting one another. And first of all I call on our political supporters that we put an end to insulting others, because a new page in the history of Armenia and Artsakh opens and we should start that new page from the consolidation of national and public consolidation’’, Pashinyan said.

He admitted that for some objective or subjective reasons he himself could not avoid such moods. ''But I am the first to assume that commitment and call on all our supporters to put an end to insulting others, unnecessary aggressiveness and antagonism, because we are facing serious challenges and we have to open the new bright page of state building'', he said.

Pashinyan added that this does not mean that they will step back from any obligation they have assumed in front of the people, adding that there will be indisputable legality, rule and order in Armenia.

Speaking about the second proposal, Pashinyan reminded returning to the people what has been looted from them has always been an urgent agenda of their government. He underlined that during the last 3 years they did not take anything from anyone by force, wishing that institutions should operate in the country that would not be influenced by individuals. Pashinyan reminded that the mechanism for confiscation of illegal property is launched and will inevitably operate.

Pashinyan suggested to all those who have illegal property can negotiate with the government and return the theft on their own. ''And I urge them not to miss the opportunity and not delay it until the state mechanisms start operating. I urge them to immediately start negotiations for returning the theft, which will serve the social-economic agenda of Armenia'', Pashinyan said.


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