Armenia to have national cybersecurity center

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Armenia to have national cybersecurity center

YEREVAN, JUNE 17, ARMENPRESS. In recent period the online trade in Armenia has increased by three times, online payments have grown by 2-3 times, Deputy minister of high technological industry Stepan Tsaturyan told ARMENPRESS, adding that they have conducted a survey among companies to understand the volumes. This increase is mainly related to transferring many processes to online platform due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“After when restrictions in free movement were applied due to the pandemic, many citizens, who didn’t previously use technologies, starting using them, making online shopping, receiving online information, started acting actively in social networks for getting more information. We had a tendency according to which many people improved their skills with the digital tools in a very short period of time. Here I want to state that the more the processes move to an online platform, the more the issue of trust is emerging for an ordinary citizen: to what extent I am sure that the payment was made, to what extent I am sure that my information was filled in, whether I received a response or not, etc.”, the deputy minister said.

Asked what problems the citizens faced at this period in line with increasing the online processes and what issues were revealed, the deputy minister said the electronic trade is mainly existing in the online processes. The problems are how to use the system, how to make a payment and how to get the product.

“At the initiative of the minister a meeting was held with the companies engaged in online trade in order to listen to their issues of concern as our citizens get the services they offer. I can state that there are problems with the payment system and the delivery of goods”, he said, adding that their goal is to make the payment systems more dynamic and available to the population. Now actions are being taken to make Armenia more attractive for international online payment systems and bring these companies to Armenia. He said there is already a progress on this direction, they are holding active talks, some time is needed for passing to the negotiation stage.

“At the same time I want to note that in line with boosting the processes in an online platform there is also a problem connected with the cybersecurity. Technologies are developing, risks are growing, and the number of those who try to extort money is also growing. All these issues are under our spotlight. It is clearly stated in the new strategy of our ministry that Armenia must have a national cybersecurity center. In other words, we will have a center that will deal with the cybersecurity issues, it will have an education direction, will monitor the existing systems”, Stepan Tsaturyan said, adding that this center will solve the issues of ensuring the security of electronic systems. The center will form a complete ecosystem, will hold training, awareness raising events for specialists and will implement different programs.

The ministry gives a priority to the digital education direction. In this context, the deputy minister said one of the key tasks for the digital technology development is the development of infrastructures, expansion of opportunity of using a digital tool, as well as the implementation of educational programs. The action plans on these directions have already been drafted.

Interview by Anna Gziryan

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan


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