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Education minister suggests gov. sub-legal acts to regulate issues of new deferment law

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 22, ARMENPRESS. Armenia’s minister of education and science Levon Mkrtchyan is convinced that there are no contradictions between military service and science under the new law on military service which limits the right to deferment for education.

During a round-table discussion with representatives of the For The Development of Science initiative in the Parliament, the minister said: “I am 100% convinced that now we are dealing with concerned people, who really think that certain issues must be regulated. I respect their position. We must try to understand what issues exist and how to solve them”.

The minister held many meetings with university lecturers, students, and held active discussions with all circles to understand the main issues which need to be solved.

“You remember that during the meeting with the PM we talked about the possibility of solving the issues through the sub-legal field. First of all, we must together try to identify and fix all issues, to engage in further work in this direction and solve them”, he said.

“I would like to stress that it’s about principle, and the law was adopted to fix this principle. The main principle is that every male citizen of Armenia who turned 18, who is entering a new life and doesn’t yet know if he will become a scientist, a businessmen, or lead another path, must serve for his homeland. This is the first principle, which is not subject for discussion, because it is acceptable. In case of preserving the first principle, the continuous education won’t be interrupted, because the young men will serve in the army after graduating school, and then will be able to receive education uninterruptedly”, he said.

He added that there are indeed certain professions that require uninterrupted education.

“Here we have to hold serious discussions and try to solve the issue with the defense ministry. Ensuring the transition from the master’s education to PhD program is easier, because we will mainly deal with oriented scientists”, he said.

The minister proposed to regulate the proposed solutions under governmental sub-legal acts, stemming from the law.

He said a serious commission should be formed to design those acts, which will include both officials and students and scientists.

The minister also said the government will be able to provide deferment to individual distinguished students.



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