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Armenian National Committee of Germany to focus on Artsakh issue

YEREVAN, JULY 27, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian National Committee of Germany will focus on the Artsakh issue in its upcoming activities, head of the committee Andranik Aznavuryan told ARMENPRESS, commenting on their plans and the recent tension in the German-Turkish relations.


Mr. Aznavuryan, the German-Turkish relations have rather deteriorated recently. We see that Germany is making tough statements. What are the sentiments in Germany now, and to what extent does this situation contribute to advancing Armenian issues?

Indeed, the German-Turkish relations are quite strained. Negative sentiments exist in Germany for Turkey. The society’s attitude is negative. The general impression is that Turkey attempts to abuse its strategic positions namely in the migrant and refugee matter. Therefore, Turkey is attempting to gain from Germany as much as possible in the political arena, by using this issue – material, why not even beneficial positions in the Armenian issues, and strengthening Erdogan’s power. We see that Germany is shifting from defensive positions to more aggressive political positions and is trying to show Turkey that it cannot realize all its plans, especially the issues regarding human rights. Almost all political forces of Germany collective want to demand more from the government, especially the leftists and the greens. Germany’s current stance is rather strict.

In terms of Armenian issues, I have to say that Germany doesn’t want to link the Armenian issue with their official stance on Turkey. If you remember the German authorities passed a bill on the Armenian Genocide issue, and today also Germany is firmly backing this decision. This is a serious issue for Turkey, and the Turkish side wants this to change, they even shamefully demanded a retraction. An attitude, which we see is absolutely unacceptable for Germany.

Aznavuryan also mentioned that this tension isn’t simply a matter of German-Turkish relations, but rather a Europe-Turkey matter.

Mr. Aznavuryan, what are the upcoming activities of Germany’s Armenian National Committee?

 The Armenian Genocide issue is important, but it isn’t urgent because much works has already been done in this direction, therefore we will put the emphasis on Artsakh. Unfortunately our society isn’t as prepared in terms of Artsakh as it was for the Armenian Genocide matter. Therefore huge work needs to be done, firstly to explain the Artsakh issue under international understanding, present that this isn’t only about historic lands, but also legal issues.

 “We must think of a solution which will establish peace, therefore we must carry out active campaigning in political parties, to present all sides of the problem and the expectations of the people of Artsakh, in terms of a solution.

Anna Gziryan

The full interview is available in Armenian

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