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‘These documents implicate Azerbaijan in international weapons supply for terrorists’ – Bulgarian journalist’s exclusive interview

YEREVAN, JULY 5, ARMENPRESS. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a Bulgarian journalist, who published a scandalous report on Azerbaijan’s supply of weapons for terrorists, gave an exclusive interview to ARMENPRESS.

-Is there any other information or another link about Azerbaijan’s illegal weapon distribution that you have not shared yet? And if there is more information related to that issue, are you going to publish them too?

-I have fact checked and published all the information that was leaked to me from the Azerbaijani Embassy to Bulgaria in my investigation. I have not spared anything or anybody. As a war correspondent, I have learned from my experience that the first victim of every war - this is the truth. I have not hidden or I am not going to hide or distort any fact related not only to Azerbaijan (in this particular investigation) but to all participants in the weapons supply to terrorists around the world. I saw on the ground in Syria many civilians dying before my eyes by the very same rockets distributed to the terrorists, as it turned out, on diplomatic flights. The world must know the truth. This is not only dirty business for money – this is business with the death of children and innocent people and it must stop immediately.

-How would you comment on these actions undertaken by Azerbaijani authorities towards transportation of illegal weapon in order to boost terrorist acts throughout the world?

-When I saw the leaked documents, I was shocked. I could not believe it is possible to happen – a state-run company to transport weapons under the cover of diplomatic flights, apparently with the assistance of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents implicate Azerbaijan in international weapons supply for war conflicts around the world. This scheme has been working for at least three years now with the knowledge and assistance of Azerbaijan’s authorities which is appalling and shocking. It is not just one company, it is a whole state involved in international transport of weapons under the cover of at least 350 diplomatic flights, as the documents reveal, for the last three years.

-What do you think how should the international community and media as well respond to these documents and facts which certainly show Azerbaijani authorities’ eager participation in weapon proliferation?

-I urge the international community, the UN Security Council, the media organizations around the world to take immediate actions and investigate those facts. They are easily proven and if the great powers are honest and do want to fight terrorism, they must stop supplying weapons to the very same terrorists they claim to fight. This is the hypocrisy of the US and Saudi Arabia I am talking about – they are the main users of Azerbaijan’s diplomatic flights for weapons supplies.

-And what do you think about the possibility to impose sanctions against such illegal policy of Azerbaijan having an aim to prevent other activity similar to this in further?

-The UN must impose sanctions on every country involved in helping terrorism. The sad truth is that some permanent UN Security Council members themselves are involved in assisting terrorism. They call it aid for the moderate opposition. I have reported on the war in Syria since its beginning and since 2014 I have not seen moderate opposition on the ground there. How can an opposition be moderate when it is heavily armed and beheads people?!   

Interview by Davit Mamyan





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