Time in Yerevan: 11:07:36,   21 May

Memorial ceremony dedicated to Hrant Dink takes place in Istanbul

YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. After 10 years of Istanbul-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink’s murder a great number of people have gathered in front of the publishing house of “Agos” periodical to pay tribute to the memory of the intellectual. A number of intellectuals and parliamentarians, including Armenian MP Garo Paylan are among the people.

The people chanted “Murderer state will stand answerable”, “We are all Hrant, we are all Armenians”, and other slogans.

Hrant’s widow Rakel Dink spoke in front of the crowd, who started her speech by the following words, “10 years. Easier said than lived… Exactly 10 Years. Without you, it has not been easy at all. Being without you, not having my beloved one with me, and above all, being separated from him by a heinous plot have caused even more pain, sorrow and heartache”.

“So much has happened in 10 years. Oh my darling. Malatya massacre, İskenderun, Sevag Balıkçı, Roboski, Gezi events, Suruç, Diyarbakır, Sur, Mardin, Nusaybin, Cizre, Şırnak, Tahir Elçi, Ankara, July 15th, Maçka, İzmir, Gaziantep, Ortaköy, Airport attack and the war in the Middle East. Operations, terror, and what not… The country has turned into a bloodbath. Some wanted to shower in human blood. A nightmare has swept the country. People started to fear and suffocate. People have been humiliated due to their identities; their dignity has been dishonoured and despised”, she said.

In her speech Rakel Dink stated that after 10 years of Hrant Dink’s murder she has to ask the same rhetorical question, “When will those really responsible for his death be punished?” She added that the exposure  of this murder is of vital importance for Turkey’s democratization. 

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