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Aram Ananyan: Turkey does not come to terms with the loss of its influence in the region

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. Turkey considers the Middle East and the region from the perspective of neo-Ottoman syndrome. It does not come to terms with the loss of its influence in the region, expert in Turkish studies Aram Ananyan mentioned during the conference entitled “Syrian conflict: The possible impact of Russian-Turkish relations on Armenia”.

“When the Treaty of Lausanne was signed in 1923 and Turkey confined itself within the southern borders, even at that time there were complaints. Turkey had ambitions towards the north of Iraq and Syria. Examining the "Justice and Development" party’s policy, we see that there is a big difference between their declared values and policy. This force came to power with such slogans that expressed willingness to solve problems, but, when faced with the reality both inside the Turkey and in the region, completely another situation was formed. Turkey led "zero issue with neighbors" policy and as the result it got “Zero neighbors” and numerous issues,” Aram Ananyan said, ‘Armenpress” reports.

Considering the issue of national minorities in the context of regional developments, Aram Ananyan noted that Turkey tries to get advantage from the Turkmen minorities, residing in the north of Syria, to conceal Kurdish issue which is very hard for it. Regional developments created a situation which arose expectations for Kurds to have their own state which disturbed Turkey.

Returning to the recent developments, Aram Ananyan noted that having a lot of problems with its neighbors, it is not beneficial for Turkey to maintain political stability in the territory of the neighbors. According to expert in Turkish studies, the created instability stems from the interests of Turkey.

As to the question whether in what terms the mentioned developments are important and fundamental for the citizens of Armenia, Aram Ananyan highlighted the issue on maintenance of Armenian community, historical, cultural and spiritual heritage.

“Armenian community of Syria is the direct generation of descendants of the Armenian Genocide and this community is the constant reminder of the Genocide issue. Today Syria is keen on conservation issue of the community, monasteries, churches and schools. There is another important issue for us: the memory of the Armenian Genocide. The north of Syria was the biggest “concentration camp” 100 years before when Ottoman power was destroying our nation’s people.  Explosion of Holy Martyrs Church was a signal that development promoters in Syria have negative attitude towards the historical memory for Armenians,” Aram Ananyan added.



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