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Bread shortage not so urgent in Aleppo as before

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 8, ARMENPRESS: The situation in most Armenian populated Aleppo was calm on February 8 morning, yet the sounds of shootings were heard from time to time. Berio National Primacy press secretary Jirayr Reisyan told Armenpress, there are no clashes orchestrated on current moment.

Reisyan stated the second largest city is facing economic difficulties; all in all there are no grave  changes. The only positive change is bread issue ceased to be so much urgent as before. If a week ago it was impossible to buy bread in the city, currently the picture has changed. Bedsides if bread then cost 200-250 Syrian lira, on  this moment the cost reduced to 100-125 lira. It is noteworthy prior to the start of anti-government movements  the price of bread was 10-15 lira. In the words of Reisyan there is no news refer to the re-opening of Aleppo airport. The official sources report the army cares no effort to restore the security of airport nearby territory.

According to UN data over 60 thousand people were killed during 23 months lasting clashes in Syria, including four dozen Armenians.

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