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Foreign players – main actors in Syrian issue

Foreign players – main actors in Syrian issue


There are two pictures depicting the situation in Syria, which essentially differ from each other: the one is presented by the Western mass media, and the second – by very Syria. Specialist of Oriental Studies Suren Manukyan told a news conference that it is difficult to get orientated in this situation, Armenpress reports.

"Today there is truly war in Syria. It is not either a revolution, or an outbreak of people. Two armed groups are standing against each other. Authorities try to suppress the unrest, and the opposition resolutely applies to armed actions. According to Mr. Manukyan, Turkey has distinctly declared that it is a critical player in the region and any process must be controllable by it. According to him, the main actors in the Syrian issue are the foreign players. If the latter did not exist, the war would stop in a short period of time.

Turkologist Vahram Ter-Matevosyan singles out 3 periods of the position of Turkey in the Syrian crisis. In March-April Ankara was still in a non-orientated position. Everything changed in April, when the head of the US National Reconnaissance Office arrived in Ankara, a number of confidential meetings were held, and the process of the operations was decided, which we witness.

In April Obama met Erdogan, and the Syrian issue was the subject of the discussion. The hopes that Erdogan had before the meeting in regard to more active involvement in the Syrian processes, were vanished. According to the turkologist, geopolitical clashes are now taking place, on one hand Turkey-Iran-Lebanon, and force centers on the other hand. Turkey has a goal to bring a pro-Turkish government to the rule. The Turkologist says that state needs stable Syria, or else its positions will not be stable in this region. The Armenian community of Syria, according to Ter-Matevosyan, shows political neutrality. Turkologist considers the timely settlement of the conflict is desirable for the Armenian community as well.


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