“Artsakh’s independence is the right of Armenian people”- Catholicos Aram I

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“Artsakh’s independence is the right of Armenian people”- Catholicos Aram I

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 18, ARMENPRESS. The Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia is expressing its continuous support to the Armenian National Committee of Europe, Catholicos Aram I said at the opening of the 4th Congress on European-Armenians.

“We’ve gathered here once again as people belonging to the same family. Due to various reasons, we live in different places, we approach issues from different aspects, however there is one goal on the path of our lives, because we have the same homeland, the same demand. We are speaking and must speak with different approaches and emphasis – having one sacred goal before us, which for me is national demand”. “Today more than ever, it is the independent Armenia itself which is entitled to the fair rights of our people, and the declaration of the 100th anniversary, which was read by the Armenian President in Tsitsernakaberd in front of the whole world, proved that Armenia is entitled”, the Catholicos said.

According to him, the basis of national demand is also the protection and strengthening of the sovereignty and independence of the people of Artsakh.

“Armenia, Artsakh, the Armenian National Committee offices, all of us carry out work in different ways, and must continue doing so. I notice the complete support of Armenia and the Diaspora for Artsakh. Artsakh’s independence is the right of our people, above all it is the historic right of our people, because our people are there, in Artsakh. Our people are on their historic lands”, the Catholicos said.

“And with this consciousness we stand with support for the independent state of Artsakh”, he said.

The Catholicos proposed to have Armenian National Committee offices in other parts of the world as well, at the same time mentioning the importance of Europe and North America.

“Northern America and Europe are important, but I think the Muslim World is also important, because we don’t have enough representation there”, he said.


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