Charles Aznavour: Everyone finds a part of his own life in my songs

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Charles Aznavour: Everyone finds a part of his own life in my songs


"First of all, I'd like to draw your attention on the fact that the word «chansonnier» is inappropriate.

I am a "Songwriter Composer" and of course the singer of my own songs. This is the way the world famous singer Charles Aznavour responded to the Armenpress' "respected chansonnier" formulation. Read below the exclusive interview with the distinguished artist about his coming programs, concert tours.

- First, we would like to congratulate you on birthday anniversary, May 22, wishing you strong health, longevity, new success. How did you celebrate it?

- Many thanks for your wishes. Health, longevity and new success are always highly appreciated! My birthday was celebrated with my family in a Parisian restaurant that I love very much.

- In your opinion, which is the guarantee of being loved so much? Which is the best achievement of you creative path?

- It's always delightful to hear that you are loved! This is the most beautiful gift we can expect. I think that everyone finds a part of his own life in my songs, in joy or sadness, finding one's way while listening to them.

- When will we see the world famous singer on the stage again and when?

- A new Tour called "En toute intimité" will start next September. I will be performing at the Olympia Hall of Paris, from September 7th to October 6th for 22 concerts and straight away all over France for a Tour of 35 concerts, until December 4th. Even after more than 60 years of performing, I must say that I can hardly wait to come back on the most prestigious and biggest French stages! In one word, I am thrilled to meet my fans again! I also take this opportunity to inform you that Lévon Sayan, my Personal Manager, is going to organize and produce a prestigious concert at the Olympia Hall on the 28 th of September 2011, where famous French artists will join me for an official and charitable evening celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Armenia. This concert, in aid of the "Association Aznavour pour l'Arménie", will take place under the patronage of the President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy and of the President of the Republic of Armenia Serge Sargsyan.

- Are you planning to visit Homeland? Is it possible for the Armenian audience to enjoy your songs?

- I could come before the end of the year but I don't have any concerts planned in Armenia for the time being.

- When will the official opening of your house-museum in Yerevan take place?

- I would like to inform you that we are definitely not talking about a "housemuseum".

This place will be called "The Charles Aznavour's Cultural Center" and the opening is scheduled for the year 2011.

- You have great contribution to the reinforcement of ties between Armenia and France. Now you are exerting efforts toward development of Armenian-Swiss relations. How do you combine your diplomatic and creative activities?

- You know, I have always tried to be at the top of my possibilities, professing the discipline of work. It is with great concern and professionalism that I manage my diplomatic and creative activities. And I am very proud and honored to have the chance to contribute to the development and influence of the Armenian-Swiss relations.


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