South Caucasus can become a new transit hub between East and West, North and South- Arayik Harutyunyan

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South Caucasus can become a new transit hub between East and West, North and South- Arayik Harutyunyan

YEREVAN, APRIL 11, ARMENPRESS. The relations between Armenia and Georgia span over 30 years, while the historical ties between the two peoples date back hundreds of years, providing a solid foundation for the current relationship between the two countries.

Arayik Harutyunyan, the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, expressed this opinion during the expert forum on "Armenia-Georgia strategic partnership: from concept to reality."

He expressed hope that this professional platform would provide another impetus for deepening cooperation between the two countries. He added that the RA government highly values the opinion and role of expert communities in identifying future perspectives for strategic cooperation between Armenia and Georgia.

The core of the interaction between Armenia and Georgia lies in the similarity of their value systems, which are intertwined with identical perceptions of democracy, human rights, and freedoms, as well as the unconditional supremacy of the law. It's important to emphasize that in the declaration on strategic cooperation signed between Armenia and Georgia in January of this year, the unconditional recognition of each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty is essential. The activation of the border delimitation process between Armenia and Georgia is also on the agenda," said Harutyunyan.

Seizing the opportunity, he extended congratulations to Georgia on attaining the status of a candidate for EU membership. He expressed optimism that this development would enhance regional stability and prosperity, underscoring Armenia's steadfast support for Tbilisi's aspirations to join the European Union.

The Armenia-EU partnership stands as one of the foremost priorities of the Republic of Armenia's foreign policy. Anchored in the RA-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement signed on November 24, 2017, this partnership boasts a robust legal foundation. To ensure the effective implementation of this agreement, an extensive roadmap comprising over 300 measures was developed under the auspices of the interdepartmental coordinating committee. Collaboration with the European Union has been instrumental in driving reforms across various sectors in Armenia, including justice, public administration, and the economy. With the steadfast support of the European Union, Armenia has embarked on comprehensive reforms aimed at fostering a democratic society," stated the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister.

According to him, Armenia is currently navigating a pivotal period, diversifying its foreign policy endeavours. As a result, the government is actively cultivating relationships with both regional and global stakeholders, while concurrently nurturing ties with longstanding partners and forging new alliances. Harutyunyan emphasizes that the diversification of foreign policy, encompassing the development of a new security architecture and the cultivation of fresh partnerships in the defense sector, stands as a crucial imperative for the Republic of Armenia.

"The evolving geopolitical landscape presents new trials and challenges, particularly within our region. In response, nations sharing common values and aspirations must collaborate closely to address these emerging challenges and threats. It's crucial to recognize that amidst these new geopolitical realities, our countries are also presented with fresh opportunities. Opening new horizons for cooperation, expanding economic ties, and the potential for tangible and enduring peace in the region offer promising prospects that should be maximized by our states and peoples," emphasized Harutyunyan.

He reiterated that the Armenian government has introduced the "Crossroads of Peace" project aimed at fostering regional connectivity, grounded in the principles of state sovereignty, jurisdiction over infrastructure traversing respective territories,

equality, and reciprocity. In terms of unblocking regional infrastructure, the "Crossroads of Peace" initiative envisions a substantial enhancement in the capacity of road freight, pipelines, power transmission, and internet cables linking the Black Sea to the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The North-South component of the "Crossroads of Peace" framework entails establishing railway communication contingent upon the resolution of Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, while the East-West aspect aims to connect the Caspian Sea via Armenian territory to the Mediterranean Sea and Turkish ports on the Black Sea through diverse channels.

"In the current situation, as countries explore new transport and economic avenues, the South Caucasus has the potential to emerge as a pivotal transit hub bridging the East and West, as well as the North and South. In conclusion, I am confident that this conference will serve as a valuable platform for the exchange of expert insights and experiences among our nations," concluded Harutyunyan.

Gor Tsarukyan, Director of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Prime Minister’s office, in his turn noted that the structure he leads attaches great importance to cooperation with Georgian partners, particularly expert circles.

We have a significant mission ahead of us: to elevate the dialogue between the societies and expert circles of both countries to the level of the robust political relations already established between Armenia and Georgia. We have ambitious goals and concrete plans in this regard. The recent years' activities, various formats of mutual cooperation, and the increasing frequency of mutual visits serve as testament to our commitment. The strategic partnership agreement inked between our nations underpins this commitment, thereby necessitating that our future plans remain aligned with its objectives," stated Tsarukyan.

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