Previously, 95-97 percent of Armenia's defense relations were with Russia, now cannot remain the same: PM

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Previously, 95-97 percent of Armenia's defense relations were with Russia, now cannot remain the same: PM

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 1, ARMENPRESS. Addressing the question regarding the lack of a concept of reforms in the Armed Forces of Armenia, considering that the new draft of the "Law on Defense" should have been ready in January 2022, the Prime Minister said: "In January 2022, that concept was ready. However, events in the winter of 2022 made it obvious that we could not move forward with that concept. Now, we need not only to have a concept but also to understand how realistic the realization of that concept is, including cooperation in the military-technical sphere. We need to understand with whom we can realistically have military-technical and defense relations."

Pashinyan added that problem was not as challenging before because there was no such problem, and creating a concept posed no difficulty.

"Previously, 95-97 percent of our defense sector relations were with the Russian Federation. Now, it cannot be the same, for both objective and subjective reasons. We have to understand what kind of relations we have, for example, with India in this concept," he said.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of answering questions about what security relations Armenia will have with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Georgia, the United States, what security relations it will have with Georgia, or whether security relations with Russia will change or not. Will Armenia remain a member of the CSTO or not? What kind of relations are being built with France?

"The problem here is that this concept has been already declared as a declaration. We need to formulate a concept for the implementation of which we have at least some agreements. And I think that we should finalize this concept during this year," said the Prime Minister.

Pashinyan emphasized that the government has declared and is moving towards a professional army.


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