Armenian market offered new option for Russia-Georgia Black Sea shipments as alternative to Upper Lars

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Armenian market offered new option for Russia-Georgia Black Sea shipments as alternative to Upper Lars

YEREVAN, MAY 22, ARMENPRESS. Authorities are offering importers and exporters an alternative to the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border for shipping goods to and from Russia.

Throughout the year, bad weather conditions prompt indefinite shutdowns of the Upper Lars checkpoint due to safety precautions, given its location in a canyon. As a result, the subsequent traffic congestion impacts freight forwarders and shippers, with businesses losing time and money.

Authorities had been working on an alternative for a long time – sea shipping through a port in Georgia. The goods will be shipped by land from Armenia to the Batumi port, and then to Novorossiysk by sea - or the other way around.

The goal is to make logistic infrastructures for shipments from or to Armenia more accessible, reduce logistical obstacles and expenses.

C&M International, a shipping company selected by the Armenian government as an operator, has been organizing the sea shipment for Armenian importers and exporters in the Novorossiysk-Batumi roundtrip direction in the Black Sea since April.

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The shipments will be carried out through government subsidy, offering affordable options.

“As of today, our ship can carry 350 containers,” C&M International Director Davit Iloyan told ARMENPRESS, adding that they’ve already operated the route twice.

“We plan to operate regular shipments once a week from Novorossiysk to Batumi and in the opposite direction,” he added, noting that they are able to increase the shipments as much as necessary in case of growing demand. “What matters now is to operate regular, stable shipment once a week.”

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Many businesses will benefit from using this method of shipment, Iloyan said. The cargo reaches its destination within 20 to 24 hours with no problems on the way, and the businesses don’t have to worry about delays.

“We are able to guarantee stable timeframes and stable prices for the shipments, something which isn’t possible in many cases during shipments by land. The capacity of Upper Lars isn’t sufficient in case of large flows and it constantly leads to problems, such as exporters and importers being unable to deliver the goods to their partners in time. No such problems will happen in case of sea shipping. We used to have only one road, the Upper Lars, but now we already have the second route,” the C&M International director said, adding that their operations will reduce the overload of Upper Lars checkpoint, and as a result tourists will also move a lot easier.

Iloyan said his company will offer a stable price for a year. The state plans to subsidize the cost in order for businesses to pay less for the shipment.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy had organized an introductory meeting between businesses and representatives of C&M International.

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