“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC held Seeds for the Future program successfully

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“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC held Seeds for the Future program successfully

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 26, ARMENPRESS. In 2021 from October 11th to October 18th, Huawei Armenia hosted its 1st Seeds for the Future Program.

In collaboration with Yerevan State University, Yerevan National Polytechnics University and American University of Armenia in selection process, 20 outstanding students were selected.

The speech for the opening ceremony on October 8th was held by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of The Peoples Republic of China in Armenia Mr. Fan Yong, as well as CEOs of the local Telecommunication Operators: MTS Armenia, Mr. Ralph Yirikian.

Mr. Fan Yong greeted the students addressed his speech to them:

“I am very glad to be present at the online opening ceremony of the “Seeds for the Future” hosted by Huawei Armenia. During this pandemic situation, our both countries worked hand in hand to overcome the epidemic showing the great friendship that exists between each other. Information and communication technologies have radically changed people’s lives.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of several generations, China’s digital industry has grown rapidly and now China is the world’s number one telecommunication power.

Huawei is one of the most powerful telecommunications companies in China and the world, which has made a great contribution to the rapid development of China’s digital economy.”

Mr. Fan Yong has also pointed out that for this program participation 20 outstanding students from different Universities were chosen: Yerevan State University, National Polytechnics University and the American University in Armenia, who have the opportunity to learn about high technologies including 5G, cloud, AI.

Mr. Yong is hopeful that it will help the talented young people from all over the world not only get acquainted with Chinese culture, but also communicate with each other.

Mr. Ralph Yirikian welcomed the students and thanked Huawei for implementing the “Seeds for the Future” in Armenia.

“This project is of a great importance for supporting Armenia’s digital development and certainly it will succeed because our youth owes high capabilities, is open-minded and ready to conquer the challenges and acquire the knowledge.”

Mr. Yirikian also emphasized that a capable person may not have the skills but have its prerequisites and not everyone can use his/her capability to turn it into a skill and use it in his/her work. This is our main problem.

Mr. Yirikian referred to the recently awarded Armenian, Artem Patapoutian, who became the first Armenian Nobel Prize winner in the sphere of medicine. They are of the same age with Mr. Yirikian and from the same place of birth- Beirut where they witnessed the civilian war during their childhood: finding shelters under the sound bombs, sometimes having no other chance than skipping the classes at school and living in conditions when staying alive could be viewed as simply a gift from Heaven.

“But we studied, set goals and the one who put efforts, who was courageous enough to dream and work achieved his goals and succeeded.

Now you have everything to achieve success. Use every single opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and experience. Learn and share your knowledge and, experience for the benefit of mankind and specifically, Armenia.

I wish good luck to all the participants of this program”.

A speech was held by General Manager of Huawei Technologies Armenia, Mr. Chen Liang addressing word of gratitude to Mr. Fan Yong and Mr. Yirikian for the opening speech.

“Thanks a lot for the excellent speech delivered by Chinese Ambassadors Mr. Fan and VIVA CEO Mr. Ralph, you are the teachers of mine in Armenia and the persons whom I admire.

It is my honor to attend the 1st opening ceremony in Armenia of Seeds for the Future 2021 which is a global talent development program organized by Huawei.

As a leading global ICT company, Huawei has been providing qualified products and services to Armenia since 2009. Huawei has actively undertaken social responsibilities and committed to cultivating more ICT talent for Armenia. The Seeds for the Future program is a useful attempt by Huawei to enhance the future development of bilateral relations and make more benefit to the people from both country. It also serves as a microcosm for Chinese companies in Armenia to fulfill the social responsibilities and promote cultural exchanges effectively.”

At the end Mr. Chen Liang wished a great success to the Seeds for the Future program 1st time organized in Armenia, and wished a great success to all of them for their studies. Mr. Chen Liang is sure they will make more contribution to this beautiful country and make it great again.

This program is a great platform for Armenian students to interact with cutting-edge technological achievements, get additional precious knowledge as well as set intercultural communication bridge between Armenia and China.


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