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PM Pashinyan says economic revolution is a dialogue between public and private sectors

PM Pashinyan says economic revolution is a dialogue between public and private sectors

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 9, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan participated in scientific-practical conference ''What to do? Economic revolution - understanding and implementation'' on October 9. During the conference the homonymous book was presented, where the results of scientific studies and ideas of the leading economists of Armenia are presented.

As ARMENPRESS was informed from the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Pashinyan delivered opening remarks. ''It's important to record the fact that in the recent period it's becoming a more wide-spread idea that psychology and people's moods become more important factors for economy. In the modern world a greater emphasis is put on the factors that public mood, public expectations have greater economic significance than mere numbers and combinations of numbers. These discussions are first of all important for us in terms of those moods'', PM Pashinyan said, reaffirming his understanding that individual effort and individual's approach and perception are the basis of Armenia's development. ''Cooperation, dialogue are the key factors that shape the psychology and mood that have a great impact on economy. I think that the economic situation of 2019 and economic indexes prove the thesis'', Pashinyan said, noting that a very good mood for economic activities has been created in Armenia.

A number of reports were presented and referring to the steps aimed at the fight against shadow economy, PM Pashinyan made some observations. ''Here we have both good and bad news. In the context of cutting shadow economy the IMF said in one of its recent reports that if Armenia records 0.3% rise in the ratio of tax-GDP it will be a great success for Armenia. By the predictions for this year and by the current data we have improved tax-GDP ratio by 1.2%, which is a 4-fold better result than the best recommendation of the IMF’', Pashinyan said, adding that the bad news is about the component of behavior. ''In the sidelines of the festive events held in Gyumri dedicated to the Independence day 15 thousand people visited Gyumri. There were no vacant places in restaurants and cafes, which means that a great economic activation took place in the city. I inquired about the trade volumes in the city on September 21 and I found out something unexpected for me. The number of the bills printed by check-tills were the same number as on the previous days. The trade volume just increased by 10 million USD but the number of the printed bills remained unchanged. In fact, this is very bad news. When I speak about partnership I speak about this. Of course, our respected businessmen in Gyumri new that on that day tax officials would not do anything’’, Pashinyan said, expressing disappointment over the fact that businessmen used the opportunity to evade taxes. ''Economic revolution cannot be monologue, it has to be a dialogue. But this example shows that the business does not even make half step to be in line with the Government's efforts''. He said, noting that during the 10 months of the current year the number of printed bills in the country has increased by 85 million against the same period of last year.

PM Pashinyan mentioned the rules that, according to him, will lead a business to success, which are:

  1. Do not steal, which goes for both public officials and businessmen, because when someone does not print bills, it's a theft like when an official steals the money that are taxed as a result of printing bills.
  2. Be more effective in business managment and public expenditures.
  3. Be creative
  4. Be cooperative

PM Pashinyan also spoke about the measures of the Government aimed at creating better conditions for business, including tax privileges.

At the end of the discussion Nikol Pashinyan  assessed similiar discussions very effective and highlighted their regular organization, as well as the expansion of the expert circle.

Edited and translated by Tigran Sirekanyan


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