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Pashinyan addresses congratulatory message on Independence Day in Gyumri

Pashinyan addresses congratulatory message on Independence Day in Gyumri

GYUMRI, SEPTEMBER 21, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed a congratulatory message on Armenia’s Independence Day in Gyumri.

“Today is September 21, one of the most important days of the history of our people, one of the greatest holidays when Armenia’s independence referendum was held on September 21, 1991, and 98% of Armenia’s population voted in favor of the independence. It was a process that reached its peak on September 21, 1991. This process started with the 1988 Karabakh movement when our people in Armenia and Artsakh voiced their will to be free, united and strong. Before the September 21, 1991, on August 23, 1990, the Declaration of Independence of Armenia was adopted. And thus, also de jure the Armenian people started their process to independence. Immediately after the independence, immediately after being recognized as a subject of the international law, our people, the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh faced great difficulties. In fact, the conflict that started several years ago turned into a complete war which the Armenian people managed to win thanks to the unity and will. This victory was first of all brought by the war volunteers who voluntarily joined the process of defending the homeland. They conducted their mission with an honor and prevented the eradication of the mother land. And after this a much more complex process of state-building started”, the Armenian PM said.

He added that during the independence years they have seen many disappointments, migration, economic and political difficulties. “We saw quite a sad period when there was a time when almost every day a question was being voiced in the media how would be the results if the independence referendum took place 5, 10, 15, 201 years after 1991. Of course, I have always believed that at all times, no matter when the independence referendum would take place, our people would say a united “yes” to the independence. I have never doubted this. But I should state that there have been many people who had doubts during this period. And eventually, the response to this question was given. Because I believe that in April-May 2018 a new independence referendum took place in Armenia, and those 100 thousand citizens, who went out to the square, the streets, in Armenia and the Diaspora, came to once again say “yes” to Armenia’s independence with the same determination. It was a referendum for a new independence, which said that during these 28 years the Armenian people not only have not worn out their will to have an independent statehood, sovereignty and democracy, but also have become more decisive, determined, strong.

And so today is September 21, September 21 of 28 years, and we gathered here to once again reaffirm that Armenia’s independent state will exist on the universe forever and the Armenian people as a great unity have enough will, enough wisdom, knowledge, talent and determination to bear the responsibility of statehood on their shoulders and live freely and happily in that statehood as proud citizens of a free country”, the PM said.

Edited and translated by Aneta Harutyunyan



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