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PM Pashinyan introduces new Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces to senior officer staff

YEREVAN, MAY 25, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan introduced new Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Artak Davtyan to the senior officer staff at the defense ministry, the PM’s Office told Armenpress.

PM Pashinyan thanked former Chief of the General Staff, Colonel-General, Artsakh hero Movses Hakobyan for the dedicated service to the Fatherland and congratulated the new chief, Mayor-General Artak Davtyan on his appointment. Nikol Pashinyan expressed hope that Movses Hakobyan will fully invest his experience in the position of the Chief Military Inspector to consistently reach the increase of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces.

The PM stated that the Armed Forces enjoy the Armenian people’s complete trust, adding that there are issues in this trust which should be solved urgently, but with no hurry. “Starting from the prime minister up to the lowest official at the public administration system, we should put a task to replace the feeling of work into a feeling of mission, since this is the moral-psychological base that will force us to resist the seemingly insurmountable issues. As a result of this the key task is to make the combat readiness of the Armed Forces in accordance with the estimated and predictable military threats and nature of war in order to guarantee the resistance to possible aggression. I attach importance to the fact that the Armenian government, the defense ministry, we all must completely and fully fulfill all duties we have before the serviceman. Finally, we must provide soldiers will all necessary items”, the Prime Minister said, adding that he expects from the new chief of the General Staff that soldiers will no longer ask their parents to provide all necessary items.

In terms of the management of the Armed Forces, the PM attached importance to ensuring one-person leadership, increase of education process level in the Armenian Forces.

“Of course, the increase of the social protection level of our officer staff and the officer in general is very important. A concrete task is put to significantly increase the level of state revenues, which, of course, should be followed by the increase of the funding of the Armed Forces”, Nikol Pashinyan said, highlighting the necessity to take consistent steps to provide the officers with apartments and solve their social issues. “This is an important factor, and our government must make serious efforts to solve these issues of the executive. I am convinced that there is a necessary intellectual potential, a necessary atmosphere in the Armed Forces, the Security Council in order to make reforms at these directions”, he added.

As for the 2018-2024 Armed Forced Development Program, PM Pashinyan said it should be implemented consistently, meet the requirements of the time, react to the change of the military-political situation and be in line with the real needs of the Armed Forces. Summing up his remarks, the PM stated: “I hope we have permanently closed the page of direct or indirect interventions by the Army to the politics. The Army defends the borders and security of our country”, PM Pashinyan said, adding that the Army’s careful eye should be directed to the adversary, and this principle must be maintained and preserved at all levels.

In his turn Movses Hakobyan thanked his all colleagues for the joint service. He wished the new Chief of the General Staff success, expressing hope that the traditions in the Armed Forces will be maintained and develop.

New Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Artak Davtyan thanked the PM for the trust and stated that he will try to compensate that trust.

English –translator/editor: Aneta Harutyunyan




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