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Marina Grigoryan sees need for deeper and thorough study of Sumgait events

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 13, ARMENPRESS. Marina Grigoryan – head of ‘Ordinary Genocide’ project, says the research on the Sumgait tragedy should continue and must be deeper and comprehensive.

During a press conference in Armenpress, Marina Grigoryan said the atrocities in Sumgait are documented, adding that these documents are not only eyewitness reports they continue collecting, but they are also official documents, in other words, criminal, judicial materials, videos and photos made during the massacres.

“As a result of these studies we have come to very clear conclusions the first one of which was that a number of patterns were demonstrated in Sumgait for the first time which again appeared during these 30 years and showed that over the past 30 years a genocidal policy has been applied against Armenians in Azerbaijan, firstly, against the civilians”, Grigoryan said.

She said the facts clearly show that the Sumgait crime has been organized by the Azerbaijani authorities. “We have numerous testimonies. We take not only the testimonies of ethnic Armenians of Sumgait, but first of all that of the Azerbaijani witnesses, as well as the judicial and investigative materials. Today there are public or political figures in Azerbaijan who make discoveries on their country from time to time, we also take these materials”, she said.

She stated that there is a politician in Azerbaijan, Zardusht Alizade, who in his book titled ‘The end of the Second Republic’ writes that on February 26 the Azerbaijani top figures arrived in Sumgait, held consultations, after which a protest was held in Sumgait’s main square on February 27 which was followed by the massacres. “This means that the genocidal acts against Armenians in Sumgait launched under the presence of the Azerbaijani leadership”, Marina Grigoryan said.

She added that there are many videos showing how the Azerbaijani special services lead the massacres. “Another evidence according to which the Sumgait pogroms were organized by the Azerbaijani leadership is the confession of the executive body’s representatives based on which they received an order to eliminate the consequences of massacres from Baku”, Grigoryan said.

Marina Grigoryan recalled that the number of Armenians who were killed during the Sumgait massacres is officially 27, but added that according to their data the number of Armenians is much higher.





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