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By 2020 Armenia may host over 2.5 million tourists a year

YEREVAN, JULY 10, ARMENPRESS. Armenia takes a number of steps for development of tourism by carrying out a digital marketing and forming a tourism result, Ara Khzmalyan – Executive Director of the Tourism Development Foundation of Armenia, told reporters, reports Armenpress.

He said the number of tourism visits by May 2017 has increased by over 30% compared to the same period of 2016.

Speaking about their activity, Ara Khzmalyan said they have two major works to do for Armenia’s tourism development by conducting a digital marketing and forming a tourism result.

“By saying digital marketing we mean that the more informed the tourist is while visiting Armenia, the more confident he/she is that he/she arrives in a safe country. Being informed about the country creates confidence and sense of security among people psychologically. Our major task is to provide people with opportunity to have complete information about Armenia before visiting the country rather than to come here and get familiarized with Armenia”, Ara Khzmalyan said.

He informed that they will launch their website in late July which is designed for people of different tastes, preferences and interests. The website will help to know what tour directions there are, which services can be used, and to whom a tourist can apply in case of necessity and etc.

“In addition to digital marketing, we will also carry out other marketing events. We carry out works on creating tourism result. We need to seriously think about strengthening the motivations of tourists why they must visit Garni, Geghard or Zorats Stones. By 2020 Armenia may host over 2.5 million tourists a year”, he said.

Presenting statistics he said last year 1.5 million tourists visited Armenia, whereas overall 10% of Diaspora visited the country.

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