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Armenia to create national operator for safe management of radioactive waste

YEREVAN, APRIL 4, ARMENPRESS. One of the most pressing issues worldwide is the issue of radioactive waste. The waste can pose great threat to both mankind and the environment.

Therefore special agencies operate in the world which transport and eliminate radioactive waste. The Elimination of Radioactive Waste company, which operates under the ministry of energy infrastructures and natural resources, is a similar structure in Armenia.

ARMENPRESS talked to Elimination of Radioactive Waste CEO Michael Sargsyan on the company’s activities and upcoming innovations.

Mr. Sargsyan, what activities did the company carry out during 2016? What are the biggest achievements?

Numerous works were carried out during the previous year, radioactive sources which are used in medical institutions and enterprises of the country, which are no longer subject to further use, as well as other discovered unmanaged radioactive sources and waste were transported and kept in the storage facilities of the company. The company has several achievements. Namely, the latest achievement is the organization of centralized transportation of radioactive waste through maintaining radioactive safety norms and rules.

 What new technologies are used in the company?

With the assistance of the US department of energy, office of radioactive safety and implementation of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory modernization works of the physical protection system of the company were carried out. Modern thermal vision devices have been installed, as well as with the assistance of the US department of energy a special vehicle for transporting radioactive waste was provided to the company.

What projects are planned in the company for the future?

The task group formed in accordance to the government’s assignment in designing the strategy of safe management used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, in coordination of the ministry of energy infrastructures and natural resources, under which it is planned to create a national operator of safe management of radioactive waste, based on the Elimination of Radioactive Waste company.

Does the company cooperate with international structures? Does it use foreign experience in eliminating the waste?

The company cooperates with several international structures, which are the International Atomic Energy Agency, the US department of energy, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and others.


Interview by Karen Khachatryan


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