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International Day of Happiness celebrated on March 20

YEREVAN, MARCH 20, ARMENPRESS. The UN member statesMarch 20 celebrate as the International Day of Happiness, reports “Armenpress”.

The UN General Assembly declared March 20 as a Happiness Day in 2012.

The UN calls on member states to celebrate this day through respective educational-information programs since search for happiness is the person’s main goal.

193 representatives of the UN member states unanimously voted in favor of the decision to declare March 20 as International Day of Happiness.

Armenia is ranked 53rd in the list of world’s happiest countries. According to the recent data of the analysis of “New Economic Foundation”, Armenia is 53rd in the list of 151 happiest countries in the world. Based on the research results carried out on the sidelines of the Happy Planet Index (HPI) Armenia’s happiness index is 46.0.

The Happy Planet Index combines four elements to show how efficiently residents of different countries are using environmental resources to lead long, happy lives.

Wellbeing: How satisfied the residents of each country say they feel with life overall, on a scale from zero to ten, based on data collected as part of the Gallup World Poll.

Life expectancy: The average number of years a person is expected to live in each country based on data collected by the United Nations.

Inequality of outcomes: The inequalities between people within a country, in terms of how long they live, and how happy they feel, based on the distribution in each country’s life expectancy and wellbeing data.

Ecological Footprint: The average impact that each resident of a country places on the environment.

Armenia is identified with relatively high average life expectancy duration.

The happiest countries are Costa Rica, Colombia,  Belize and El Salvador, and the unhappiest countries are Botswana, Chad, Qatar, Central African Republic and etc. 

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