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I believe in Armenia’s winemaking future, says Russia’s famed sommelier Arthur Sargsyan

I believe in Armenia’s winemaking future, says Russia’s famed sommelier Arthur Sargsyan

YEREVAN, MARCH 14, ARMENPRESS. State-private sector cooperation is needed for development of a national wine trademark in Armenia. High quality vineyards must be established in Vayots Dzor, Aragatsotn and other communities, Russia’s honored sommelier, author of the “Armenian Wines” and “Russian Wines” guides and President of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia Arthur Sargsyan told ARMENPRESS.

-          Last week you met with Armenia’s minister of agriculture. How would you assess the results?

-          I met with Ignati Arakelyan in the Center of Strategic Initiatives. The center’s environment, the young team, contribute to the discussion of the projects. We think in the same direction over numerous issues. It is gratifying that the Armenian government has specific perceptions on the important role of viticulture and winemaking in the country’s economy. In my opinion, the state must play a main role for the development of that sector, namely the Wine of Armenia Fund and the winemaking community. The ministry of agriculture has interesting ideas regarding preservations of grape types, mapping, and preservation of geographical naming. All these projects can and must be combined in the strategy of developing the “Wine of Armenia” trademark. This all will bring new investments, jobs and great increase of tourism flow to the country’s economy in 3-5 years.   A lot has been done for the development of winemaking in Armenia: liberalized laws in the justice sector, no banns are implemented on advertising. But all this is passive assistance. The state-business cooperation is needed for development of a national trademark of Armenia’s wine. This requires development of public structures in the wine market, development of unions of winemakers and viticulture.In winemaking states winemakers themselves decide the boundaries of “wine circles”, permitted kinds and issues related to agricultural equipment. The state only assists in formulating the laws and supervises their realization. Today we see similar process in Russia. I am sure the development of Armenia’s winemaking will take a path similar to this.

-          What position does the Armenian wine have in Russia’s market, as well as others?

-          Now, it is a unique moment in the history of Armenian winemaking. Armenia has a “zero” image in the winemaking field. At the same time there are unique advantages, like the endemic grape types, the 6000 years old traditional winemaking. These are wines which amaze people during the first try. People tend to say “wow” upon trying them. If we realize this potential correctly, Armenia will go with the path like Austria, which became a supplier of high quality and pricy wines during 30 years”, he said.


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