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Situation in Nagorno Karabakh-Azerbaijan line of contact under control – Davit Babayan says

Situation in Nagorno Karabakh-Azerbaijan line of contact under control – Davit Babayan says

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 25, ARMENPRESS. The situation in the Nagorno Karabakh-Azerbaijan line of contact is under control. The Azerbaijani side continues violating the ceasefire, however there is nothing extraordinary at the moment, Davit Babayan – Spokesman of the President of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh Republic), told “Armenpress”.

“The Azerbaijani forces conducted sabotage infiltration attempt at two directions, however this is not an unexpected and strange phenomenon. This is what we expect every day. We deal with a terrorist country. Moreover, there are some factors which further contribute to Azerbaijani such behavior. You know that today is the so-called “Khojaly massacre” day which was carried out by the Azerbaijani top leadership. They must remember this day, and such developments are the way of remembering it”, Davit Babayan said.

He said the recent Azerbaijani internal political developments also contribute to demonstrating such criminal behavior. “We know that Ilham Aliyev appointed his wife as first Vice-President of the country. Now some part of the Azerbaijani people are not satisfied and consider this as a shame. The leadership of the Azerbaijani army in this case must think that the “supreme commander-in-chief” is headed by a wife. In this circumstance the “supreme commander-in-chief” must show that he is no headed by the wife, he is a military leader like Tamerlane. In fact, Aliyev doesn’t consider whom he is dealing with. If he thinks we are not alert, will not protect our security, he is completely wrong. That’s why they have been thrown back by suffering great losses. The losses were so many that they were even unable to remove some bodies from the neutral zone. This is the situation”, Davit Babayan said.

On February 25, as of 03:00 and 04:00, the Azerbaijani side conducted an attack attempt at two south-eastern (Martuni) and eastern (Akna) directions by using respective mine clearance equipment and special measures.

The NKR Defense Army forces prevented the advance of the Azerbaijani forces on time at both directions due to video devices and threw them back by causing losses. As a result of the countermeasures taken by the Defense Army, the Azerbaijani side suffered losses and has wounded. Several bodies are in the neutral zone. The Armenian side has no casualties and wounded.


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