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Primary objective is for Armenia to be the principal beneficiary of its mining resources, says ICMA Executive Chairman

Primary objective is for Armenia to be the principal beneficiary of its mining resources, 
says ICMA Executive Chairman

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 8, ARMENPRESS. Executive Chairman of the International Chamber of Mines of Armenia (ICMA) Artyom Geghamyan believes that due to its geographical location and certain resources, Armenia  has the opportunity to become an important player in the field of mining and to give its share to the world, in exchange for welfare for the population, technologies and higher environmental standards for the country.

Within the framework of the conference organized by the newly created chamber, Geghamyan told Armenpress that taking into account the developments related to the extraction of critical metals in the field of metallurgy all over the world, as well as certain reserves and mining experience in Armenia, the chamber is keen on implementing international best management practices, environmental technologies, and social standards in the country.

"The aim is to attract investors from various nations, particularly those traditionally recognized as leaders in this field, such as Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. Therefore, it is not coincidental that the chamber's co-founders include Canadian Armenians and Lebanese Armenians, who are globally renowned specialists in metallurgy.

Currently, we are intensifying collaboration with partners from Canada, Great Britain, and the United States," Geghamyan said.

According to him, the next important element is related to the safety of the mining industry. 

“The Chamber aims for our natural resources to be regarded not merely as a source of business, but as a result of a new conceptual approach they will benefit our country. In this regard, the Chamber will closely cooperate with the Armenian government to ensure that our mining resources are also viewed as a crucial element of Armenia's security architecture.

An important milestone in our activities will be the implementation of the strategy for the development of the mining sector adopted by the government. The government has also adopted an action plan, outlining the main reforms for the sector over the next ten years, providing a level of predictability for potential investors and all beneficiaries.

‘The local communities will also be at the center of attention, with whom the Chamber will collaborate through specialized committees.

The main goal is for Armenia and our people to be the primary beneficiaries of our mining resources because the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia stipulates that the subsoil and natural resources are the exclusive property of the state," said the  Executive Chairman of the International Chamber of Mines of Armenia. 

Representative and  Director of the Armenian Office of the UN World Food Program Nanna Skau also attended the conference.

‘’The UN is particularly trying to cooperate with the private sector, given the fact many organizations are interested in cooperation, especially within the realm of Sustainable Development Goals program.

Such conferences contribute to understanding  how to cooperate in the context of sustainable development, environmental and social management functions.

They play a crucial role in creating a productive environment. If new technologies are used properly, if international experience is applied, companies operating in the mining industry will have more opportunities to develop mutually beneficial cooperation," concluded Nanna Skau.
Photos by Mkhitar Khachatryan


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