Sochi meeting was start of dialogue – says ethnic Armenian MP of Syria

Armenpress 13:12, 2 February, 2018

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 2, ARMENPRESS. The shelling of the aircraft which arrived in Damascus airport from Sochi may be linked with the meeting in Sochi, Zhirayr Reisian, the ethnic Armenian Member of Parliament of Syria, who was also aboard the plane, told ARMENPRESS.

“The plane was landing when the shells were fired. Fortunately we were able to avoid clashes. Security forces very quickly ensured conditions and all passengers were brought out. Let me say that the majority of the passengers aboard the aircraft were members of the delegation who took part in the Sochi meeting. Nora Arisyan, another ethnic Armenian Member of Parliament of Syria, was also with me. There were nearly 180 passengers in total. This was our first flight connected with the Sochi meeting, it isn’t ruled out that it is because of this very reason that the plane was targeted. If they’d succeed in inflicting damages, a propaganda stir might have happened. Thank God there were no human losses”, he said.

Speaking about the Sochi meeting, the MP mentioned that it is a very good initiative.

“We can’t say that specific implementations took place, but this start was already the first milestone. Let me say that Russia, by initiating this meeting, has very well organized it, the conditions were wonderful. Participants were listening to each other, raising questions. We can say that willingness of establishing peace and holding dialogue was heard from all sides, but everyone has their own perceptions in realizing them practically. This was the beginning of the dialogue. Syria is always ready for dialogue for restoration of peace and re-boosting normal life”, he said.

The aircraft carrying the first group of the Syrian delegation from Sochi was subjected to missile attack by the militants of terrorist groups at the moment of landing at the Damascus international airport on February 2, Syria’s Gandzasar Armenian weekly reports.

Ethnic Armenian lawmaker of the Syrian Parliament Jirair Reisian was also among the delegation members who regularly reported about the incident.

“At the moment of the landing, the first missile fell a few meters away from the aircraft, and then two more missiles targeted the aircraft. Fortunately, there are no wounded. The plane was not damaged either. The respective forces immediately gave the necessary instructions and the delegation members were safely removed from the aircraft and then from the airport”, Jirair Reisian said.  


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